As holiday shopping kicks into overdrive, presents are starting to stack up. Be honest, it’s getting beyond difficult to hide all the gifts from your loved ones, whether they’re sneaking around trying to find them or not. Ruining the thrill of unwrapping is the worst for all parties involved, so to prevent that we thought about every corner of the home where presents could be hidden and came up with the 10 best ideas. Get sneaky with us below.

1. Wrap The Presents: Guarantee there will be no spoiling early by wrapping those presents ASAP, like right when you get home. That way you won’t be kept up at night. (via Brit + Co)

2. Sittin’ Under the Tree: If you did already tackle the wrapping, why not place ’em under the tree where you can keep an eye on all those sneaky spoilers roaming around your house? (via Brit + Co)

3. Shopping Bag Switcheroo: Swap all the most wanted items from the way-too-obvious store bags and place your gifts in a less attention-grabbing one (we’re thinking from a grocery or office supply store). Ensure the hiding place works by then shoving the bags behind clothes or on the top shelf of a closet.

4. Pack The Car: Stash some clothes or other presents that can easily survive hangin’ in the car in frigid temps. Then lock them in the trunk for subtle and secure keeping. Just remember not to give your kids (or boo) the keys without thinking twice. (via Oliver Schwarzwald Photography)

5. Roll Away: Pack up a suitcase with all the goodies (at least until your holiday travels begin) and lock it up, then hide the key. This option should be reserved for only the most top secret presents. Shhh! (via Globe-Trotter)

6. Hidden in the Hamper: Empty out those clothes (let’s hope they don’t smell too raunchy) and plop the gifts down at the bottom of a hamper in a bag. Cover your presents up and no one will suspect — or have the desire to search — through this area. (via The Picket Fence Projects)

7. Keep It High: Got a shorty in the fam? Put the presents high and it will be a real reach for them to find the presents. The best spot is above the fridge, because… who ever looks above the fridge? (via IKEA)

8. Ambiguous Boxes: Throw presents in a mis-labeled box (make it fun and DIY them) and then into the closet or a cabinet. Present peekers will never suspect to find gifts in the “tax receipts” box. (via First Home Love Life)

9. Bundled in Blankets: Hide gifts in folded up blankets in the linen closet, or wherever family members hardly look. They’ll never think to search the neatly stacked sheets. Other ways to use the linen closet include hiding the gifts behind a stack of linens if they can’t be folded, or on the top shelf of the closet too far from lingering eyes to spot. (via West Elm)

10. Captive Cabinet: A cabinet with a lock in the home office or craft room is the ideal place to hide all your gifts because it’s usually your own domain, right? Another obvious plus: A lock means no access for anyone who shouldn’t get in. (via Pottery Barn)

Which present-hiding techniques are you planning on using this year? Let us know in the comments below.