Happy Monday, y’all! It’s that time of the week when we’re back to our commutes, back tucked into our office chairs and back doodling our way through meetings (just like Benedict Cumberbatch, btw #soulmate). We thought we’d get your week started with a look at what’s up on the web, what’s trending on Twitter and some stories you need for all those watercooler gab sessions before another new ep of Scandal. Were you planning on having a case of the Mondays? How can you when all of this is happening in the world — including Doritos-flavored Mountain Dew:

1. President Obama Supports Net Neutrality: Yay! Major yay. The Prez wants to keep the Internet free and open and is asking the FCC to listen up.

2. Tips to Create a Beautiful Email Signature: Thinking of switching things up this week? Start with this part of your digital life and upgrade your basic ol’ email sign off into something way better. (via Women Love Tech)

3. GoldieBlox Is Challenging Barbie Big Time: ICYMI: The company making toys for future female engineers launched its first ever action figure meant to bring GoldieBlox to life and teach young girls a sweet skill in the process. Get this for the lil’ maker you know and find yourself whining “Why didn’t my dolls have ziplines back in the day?!”

4. Polaroids Are Making a Comeback: With celebs leading the way! That’s right, after the latest celeb nude leaks, more and more of the star set are turning to the old school way of #selfie-taking. Overall this year, there has been a 75% increase in the 18-25 demo ditching digital for tangible. Just keep those hard copies in a safe place, Paris + friends. (via The Guardian)

5. The New Healthcare.Gov Launched: Like window shopping? Need healthcare for next year? You’re in luck. You can start browsing your plan options for 2015 on the newly re-launched site now before enrollment launches this Saturday, November 15. (via Vox)

6. This 3D Printed Challenge Is for Kids: Lands’ End debuted a 3D printing contest for the kiddos, where Silicon Valley’s future finest submit 60-second videos answering the question: “If you could make anything you wanted with a 3D printer, what would you make and why?” Get creative, kids, the winner wins a printer for their school. (via 3DPrint.com)

And in total WTF Bonus news, Doritos-flavored Mountain Dew is a thing (called Dewitos lololol) that is happening that you might one day get to guzzle. And it’s not even the first time these two, um, magical flavors have combined. Perhaps you remember a Doritos Quest sipper back in 2008? Perhaps you have tried to scrub that from your memory. Well, sorry to bring it back up. See you tomorrow for another roundup of what’s up!

How is your week starting? We hope great.