President Trump certainly likes to have things his way (seriously, the song he chose for his inauguration was Frank Sinatra’s “My Way,” because why not just be super obvious?), which is why we’ve witnessed so many drastic changes in his first week in office. But now, it’s his controversial (some say sexist) “dress like a woman” rule that’s sparked the latest firestorm.


According to Axios, a source who worked on the Trump campaign has revealed that there’s a dress code folks on the President’s team must follow.

Press Secretary Sean Spicer

If they don’t, they’re apparently “reamed” for it, just like Press Secretary Sean Spicer was for his outfit at his first briefing room meeting. Ouch.

So what must Team Trump wear? Well, male employees “need to have a certain look” and “be sharply dressed.” While we’re left to wonder what the “certain look” is (we’re sure you can make a pretty accurate guess), the ladies have been told to “dress like a woman.” Um, what?

Kellyanne Conway

Perhaps he’s thinking along the lines of what Kellyanne Conway would wear. Her striking style (whether you’re into it or not) certainly gets people talking.

And though we again can only imagine what this rule implies, folks on the internet have their own ideas, which has (natch) sparked a now-viral hashtag, #DressLikeAWoman

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