If you’re as big a fan of Everlane as we are, you’re sure to love the latest collab the minimalist clothing company is a part of. After DLing the SF-based style startup’s new app, you’re gonna also want to add the photo editing app Priime to that smartphone of yours (if it’s not already on your homescreen like us, that is). Why are we being so demanding about all these apps? Because with the help of Priime you can now make your Instagram shots look like those flawless beauties in Everlane’s posts ;)


With the debut of three Everlane x Priime Photo Styles (free on iOS) your Instafolio will be looking like the pages of an Everlane lookbook before the end of the week. While you could totally use the photo editing app’s beautiful assortment of filters that are presented to you through its specially designed algorithms based on exposure, color and subject matter, why miss out on all the Everlane fun?!


There’s Minimal and Modern, which both offer warm and cool tones to create crisp shots for fashion, products and spaces (interior or exterior). Then there’s Around, which is ideal for outdoor environments (foggy skies + lush greens are perfect) as it creates bright and crisp hues from natural colors. Wanna share your Everlane-esque shots c/o Priime’s new filters? Attach the hashtag #EVxPriime to those uploads for a chance to get an Everlane co-sign (aka feature). We know what we’ll be doing this weekend.

Will you be DLing these new Everlane filters for Priime? Let us know in the comments and tweet those snaps to us @britandco.

(Photos via Priime/Everlane)