Kate Middleton鈥檚 third pregnancy news has all but taken over the world, with Twitter blowing up with reactions to the joyful announcement. There鈥檚 a certain someone who also has something to say about the impending new royal, who just so happens to be a *very* prominent member of the family, however: one Prince Harry himself.

The babe鈥檚 uncle stopped to chat with a reporter for The Daily Express to express his sentiments on the couple鈥檚 big reveal, and while his response was brief, it was also rather sweet.

鈥淗ow do you feel about the news you鈥檙e about to be an uncle again?鈥 she inquired, to which he gave a big thumbs up before replying, 鈥淔antastic. Great. Very happy for them!鈥

Considering that the 32-year-old seems to be the chilliest member of the bunch, we鈥檝e no doubt that his new little niece or nephew is in for a treat having him for an relative.

While the famous redhead admits he hasn鈥檛 seen his sister-in-law in a while, he also assured the reporter that he was sure 鈥淪he鈥檚 okay,鈥 a fact Middleton herself seems to have confirmed in a now-viral video from her recent visit to Poland that many believe may have prematurely given away her big baby bombshell.

In it, the mommy-to-be is seen reacting to a high-tech toy for newborns by saying, 鈥淲e鈥檒l just have to have more babies!鈥 It looks like she鈥檚 keeping that promise, indeed!

We can鈥檛 WAIT to see the family altogether following the little one鈥檚 birth.

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(Photo via Chris Jackson/Getty)