Without a doubt, the best part of the holidays is the food. Thanks to T-Day, Christmas, Hanukkah and New Years, we’ve got two solid months of delicious feasting heading our way. But all that entertaining means there will be leftovers. And sometimes those leftovers need to be sent home with your guests so you don’t overdose on candy, turkey and pie. Instead of sacrificing yet another Tupperware dish you know you’ll never get back, check out these 14 ways to DIY to-go containers. Your guests’ midnight snacking habits will thank you.

1. Classic Takeaway: Take the classic to-go box to a new level by printing out this pattern on pretty paper. Scale the pattern to make whatever size box you want and then stuff each full of tasty goodies. (via Daily Fix)

2. Leftover Pie: In the unlikely event you have pie left over, send it home in little individual slice-shaped boxes. (via Studio DIY)

3. Pie Slice: Ensure you don’t lose any of your favorite dishes by sending home dessert in these cute little boxes. If your guests have a long way to travel, we love the idea of including a disposable fork so they can snack on the road. (via Proper Pinwheel)

4. Patisserie Treat Box: These bright little boxes would look beautiful piled up on a cake stand or individually at a place setting. Fill them with little treats like macarons or truffles as the perfect takeaway gift favor. (via A Beautiful Mess)

5. Cookie Basket: If you’re going to be giving away a lot of goodies, you want something that’s fast and cheap. This little basket is made out of a paper plate and only takes a couple minutes to make. (via It’s Always Autumn)

6. Embroidered Gift Basket: Make up a bunch of these little baskets in whatever color you want and set them around the dinner table. Then when you’re done entertaining, you can send them home with your guests for a sweet treat. (via The Proper Pinwheel)

7. Milk Jug Box: For a sturdier takeaway box, try this one made out of a milk jug. Not only is the plastic food safe, it will keep your leftovers from getting smooshed. (via Creme de la Craft)

8. Thanksgiving Leftovers Label: Just print off these lovely labels on sticker paper and put them on cardboard boxes full of goodies for an extra thoughtful touch that everyone will love. (via Oh Happy Day)

9. Recycled Boxes: Save the environment one box of leftovers at a time! Giving away Thanksgiving food is a brilliant way to speed up the cleanup process and makes sure everyone has the ingredients for a turkey sandwich the next day. (via Cupcakes and Cashmere)

10. Paper Bowls: Gravy lovers will be pleased that they can take home as much as they want without worrying about a soggy mess with these sealed lids. (via The Sweetest Occasion)

11. Customizable Pie Boxes: Perfect for late-night fridge runs, these labeled pie boxes will keep all the flavors neatly organized. (via Kojo Designs)

12. Classy Leftovers: Forget any preconceived dislike you’ve been harboring for leftovers, because these pretty little boxes will make sure you leave the party with a smile on your face and a snack in hand. (via The Glitter Guide)

13. Chalkboard To-Go Boxes: Customize these little boxes with any seasonally appropriate greeting. We personally love the “take me home tonight” tag to make sure your guests don’t forget their leftovers. (via Brit + Co)

14. Cardboard Tubes: You’ll probably want to stick with dry treats for these cardboard envelopes, but how cute are those fall decorations? (via Inspiration Ave)

What are your favorite ways to give away food during the holidays? Share your tips and tricks in the comments below!