Did you know that every year left-handed people are injured trying to use devices designed for right-handed people?! Left-handers make up between 13% and 30% of the population, but almost all products are designed solely for right-hand use. That just doesn’t seem right to us. Whether you’re looking for a kitchen utensil that will make your day easier or the perfect gift for your favorite lefty, these 10 products will make left-handed life a little less dangerous and a little more fun.

1. Ergonomic Rollerball Pens ($8): When writing left to right, it’s a challenge to not smear anything. This ergonomically designed rollerball comes with a special grip zone that ensures optimum writing position and has fast-drying ink that allows your hand to easily move along as you write, sans smudging.

2. Reflex Scissors ($12): Reversed blades and an ergonomic handle make these a must-have for the office, craft room or kitchen.

3. Sieger Corkscrew ($30): If you’ve ever had to turn the bottle instead of the corkscrew, you need to upgrade to a lefty corkscrew. With a sleek design, this corkscrew turns counterclockwise for easy left-handed use meaning you can finally pop the cork with ease.

4. Can Opener ($20): The left-handed chef faces a whole different set of problems when trying to tackle the world of kitchen gadgets. This can opener features a twisting mechanism that works in a counterclockwise direction and offers a much easier range of motion for lefties.

5. Logitech Computer Mouse ($60): Most mouse makers produce ambidextrous gadgets, but the downside is that the mouse is not contoured specifically for a left-handed person. Treat yourself to a mouse that is perfectly designed for your left-handiwork and see how much easier your work day goes.

6. Notebooks ($7): Spiral notebooks can be a real annoyance to lefties, but this one has the spiral conveniently placed on the right side. That means no more spiral marks on your writing hand! The fact that it doubles as a ruler and says “Lefties Rule” on it makes it even better.

7. Rosle Left-Handed Swivel Peeler ($25): Featuring a sturdy, well-balanced design, this peeler comes with a lifetime warranty and is dishwasher safe. It will quickly become one of your favorite and most convenient kitchen gadgets.

8. Pocket Knife ($80): These lefty pocket knives are assembled in a reverse layout with everything made to open easily (and safely!) with your left hand. Blades and thumb impressions are designed for left-hand use and even the corkscrew turns counterclockwise so lefties don’t have to turn the bottle.

9. Tool Set ($40): Obviously, this bunch of household tools belongs in every lefty’s kitchen drawer. From comfortable scissors to a left-handed tape measure, a fast drying pen and even a right-to-left reading ruler, these tools will keep your lefty safe during any DIY project.

10. Bamboo Utensil Set ($20): Left-handed chefs, rejoice! You can now stir, whisk and blend your scrumptious meals with the greatest of ease thanks to these utensils specifically designed for Y-O-U.

Are you a lefty? What other left-handed products can you not live without? Talk to us in the comments below!