Tying the knot this fall? If so, congratulations on your timing and being able to throw the coolest themed bachelorette partyever. Halloween + bachelorette party equals some seriously cool photo opportunities with you and all your BFFs that will no doubt result in a major sugar-induced coma. Whether you want to keep your bachelorette party on the quiet and personal side or are aiming for a wild night of costumed madness on the town, here are 15 DIY ideas to make a bachelorette party that is truly to “die” for. Costumes and candy? Um, yes please.


1. Eyeball Balloons: Paint up a bunch of these googly eyes, because you can use these balloons everywhere. From decorating the outside of the house to using as a photo back drop or even a photo prop, these eyeballs are too cool. (via Studio DIY)


2. Monster Cocktail Stirrers: It doesn’t matter how old you are — Halloween will always be about the candy. Except now you can eat as much as you want or make an enormous kebab out of gummies and use it as a cocktail stirrer. We are adults, after all. (via A Beautiful Mess)


3. Trick or Treat: No Halloween party would be complete without a trick-or-treat bag, and these are super easy to DIY thanks to a cute printable. Have big bowls of candy set out and let guests pick their favorites to take home or take the bags out on the town and see what kinds of treats you can pick up along the way. (via Design Eat Repeat)


4. Potion Bar: Set up a mini bar before and after the big outing with this adorable free “potion” printable. Or turn things a little more deadly and call it the “pick your poison” bar and DIY little labels for the bottles. (via Home-ology Modern Vintage)


5. Bonfire Halloween Party: If you’re aiming for a more laid-back, low-key bachelorette party, why not host the party right in the comfort of your own backyard with a bonfire party? Serve seasonal food and drinks like cider, all things pumpkin and of course lots of s’mores and ghost stories. (via A Beautiful Mess)


6. Halloween Photo Backdrop: We spy with our little eye a washi tape DIY. Since everyone’s amazing costumes need to be recorded for posterity, make this amazing neon spider web out of washi tape and make sure you have lots of spooky and scary props for when the posing starts. (via 100 Layer Cakelet)


7. Zombie Bride Costume: You can’t go wrong with a classic, zombie-themed bachelorette party, and if you’re spending the night out on the town, you can definitely have some fun doing your best Walking Dead impression as you club hop. (via I Spy DIY)


8. Halloween Chocolate: A girl’s gotta have her chocolate, especially during all the stress of wedding planning. Print off some of these hilariously “punny” labels for chocolate bars, but maybe keep a few on hand to calm the nerves before the big day. (via Studio DIY)


9. Candy Corn Jello Shots: No bachelorette party is complete without a few naughty drinks, and these candy corn jello shots fit the bill perfectly. (via A Beautiful Mess)


10. Dessert Table: Black and orange is a rad color combo, but add in some pink and we are swooning over this Halloween dessert table. Everything from the orange cake with drippy black frosting to black rock sugar candy to shiny candy apples is spot on for a stylishly spooky party. (via Style Me Pretty)


11. Gold-Dipped Pumpkins: Pumpkins are an obvious “yes” for Halloween party decor, but for a bachelorette party, skip the crooked jack-o-lantern face and paint those babies bright shades of pastel and then cover them in gold glitter. See? Halloween can totally be girly. (via Studio DIY)


12. Halloween Marshmallow Pops: No party is complete without a few treats and favors, and these colorful ‘mallows work double duty as decor and then as treats. (via Glorious Treats)


13. Hanging Spider Decor: Obviously the only spiders allowed at your bachelorette party are glittered ones. This “only-slightly-scary” balloon decor could also be a really fun photo backdrop… if you don’t mind spiders in your hair, that is. (via Studio DIY)


14. Taylor Swift Costumes: Not feeling zombie bridesmaids this year? Give Tay and her glam friends a run for their money by dressing up the whole bachelorette party as the characters from the Bad Blood music video. (via Brit + Co)


15. Confetti Toss: At some point, you’re probably going to toast the lady of the hour and shower her in confetti. Stay on theme and DIY some cute little monsters to send her off to married life in spooky style. (via eHow)

Would you ever want a Halloween bachelorette party? Tell us what you would include in the comments below!