Here at Brit + Co., we love creative products, DIY projects, recipes and ideas from across the web. We also love our community — after all, you guys put the “Co” in Brit + Co. (No, seriously, you do. That’s what the “Co” stands for!)

We’ve said it before, you inspire us.

With that in mind, today we’re excited to share a new way for you, our community, to use Brit + Co. to publish your own DIY projects, recipes, and favorite things on the web. And with so many new people sharing, hopefully you’ll discover even more creative things you want to make, learn, and do. Head to the Community section of Brit + Co. to see the new posts already popping up from folks like you!

So how does it work? It’s kind of like Tumblr-meets-Pinterest. We’ve built a way for you to create a post straight from a bookmarklet in your browser, saving tons of time and energy. You can drag and drop images from any site on the web (or even straight from your desktop), easily drag images around, auto-save your work, and even edit drafts on the fly. The whole thing is meant to be very intuitive.

Once published, we will format your post into a list template that looks great on the web and even better in our mobile app. Why a list? After two years of creating content at Brit + Co., we realized that every DIY/recipe is essentially a step-by-step project, and every roundup is best formatted as a list. Hence, we decided to kill two birds with one stone! #efficiency

Want to try it out? We’re slowly letting in batches of users, so make sure to get on the waitlist ASAP!

We hope you’ll use this to share your favorite creative ideas with the Brit + Co. community. In fact, we’ll be handpicking some of our favorite DIYs and roundups created by you to feature on the Brit + Co. homepage, hopefully driving lots of traffic back to your site or profile.

What will you create? A step-by-step tutorial on how to make the world’s best chocolate chip cookies? The best new fishtail braid ideas from around the web? Apps you can’t live without? We can’t wait to see!

Don’t forget to sign up to get into the beta and until then, I hope you enjoy the new “Co” content on Brit + Co.