By now you may have heard of one of the newest healthy food trends of 2016:聽pulses. Pulses are part of the legume family, and include dried peas, beans, lentils and chickpeas. You already know these foods聽are incredibly聽versatile 鈥 there are tons of healthy bean dessert recipes聽out there, and hummus has been your fave since鈥 well, forever 鈥but you may not be fully aware of the superfood status聽they hold. They鈥檙e very high in protein and fiber (perfect if you鈥檙e vegan), ensuring that you stay full and happy for a long time. Embrace the newest food fad by exploring聽these 15 recipes that will聽get you started on the road to conquering the pulse.


1. Baked Peruano Beans With Mexican Chorizo: Slow cooking dried beans is a fantastic way to preserve their nutrients and flavor, and baking them in the oven does just that. If you can鈥檛 find Peruano beans, great northern or cannellini beans would work just fine. (via Fake Food Free)


2. Balsamic Lentil Salad: Lentils are very absorbent, which makes them perfect for dressing with a tangy maple balsamic vinaigrette. Cucumbers and red peppers add crunch to the salad, and if you feel like adding cheese, goat or feta would be a great choice. (via Destination Delish)


3. Roasted Cauliflower and Lentil Tacos With Creamy Chipotle Sauce: With the hearty addition of cauliflower, you definitely won鈥檛 miss the meat in these tacos. The creamy chipotle sauce is totally drool-worthy, but the real star is the tender chili-spiced lentil filling.聽(via Cookie and Kate)


4. Fully Loaded Sweet Potato Stuffed With Black Beans: You don鈥檛 have to feel guilty about indulging in this comfort food. This dish packs protein and fiber from the spiced black beans, loads of vitamins and antioxidants from the baked sweet potato and healthy fats from the avocado on top. Serve as a hearty side or a vegetarian meal all on its own.聽(via Delicious Everyday)

Green Power Protein Salad

5. Green Power Protein Salad: Skip the green smoothie and opt for this filling salad boasting loads of protein. Lentils, kale, spinach and broccoli will聽energize your lunch break and keep you full while making your co-workers way jealous of your lunch. (via Bound by Food)


6. Lentil Hummus: Making your own hummus is a great way to control what you鈥檙e putting in your body. This lentil version聽is a resourceful way to use up leftovers and makes for a satisfying appetizer or afternoon snack. (via Gluten Free With L.B.)


7. Mediterranean Chickpea Salad: This simple salad is bursting with fresh flavor. It can be served with pita as a deconstructed hummus, or on top of toasty聽bread or a bed of greens聽for a light salad. Whichever way you choose to enjoy it, this is a versatile recipe you *need* to know. (via Haute and Healthy Living)


8. Black Beans Vegetarian Meatballs: These meatballs are聽gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan. They would go great alongside聽roasted broccoli and rice聽or your favorite spaghetti and pasta sauce. Even the most carnivorous will love these black bean faux meatballs.聽(via Pure Ella)


9. Coconut Curry Chickpeas With Wilted Greens: It鈥檚 amazing that so much flavor can be packed into one bowl. With just a few quality ingredients, you can create a savory and wholesome masterpiece that鈥檚 soothing to your body and soul. (via With Food and Love)


10. Vegetarian Shepherd鈥檚 Pie: Meet your new favorite Meatless Monday dish. Toothsome lentils and beefy mushrooms sub in for聽meat in this comforting shepherd鈥檚 pie. It鈥檚 so hearty, you鈥檒l be surprised at how little it takes to fill you up. (via The Cookful)


11. Warm Braised Baby Artichoke Salad With White Beans and Manchego: Whether you鈥檙e planning on serving this salad to guests or packing it for a picnic in the park, it鈥檚 an elegant dish that鈥檚 sure to put a smile on anyone鈥檚 face. Plus, it comes together in just 30 minutes. (via Foolproof Living)

Kidney Bean Za'tar salad

12. Arugula, Kidney Bean and Za鈥檃tar Spiced Salad: Kidney beans are much more versatile than the chili recipes聽they鈥檙e known for. They鈥檙e a meaty legume, which makes them perfect for topping a simple salad. If you only have five minutes to spare, this spicy salad is for you. (via Spice and Sprout)


13. Vegan Sloppy Joes: Chances are, you grew up聽with sloppy joes on the table. Whether they were聽from the school cafeteria or your mom whipped them up on a busy Tuesday night, they probably weren鈥檛 that healthy. This vegan version hits all of the same flavor notes, but is totally guilt-free. (via Minimalist Baker)


14. Spicy Bean Balls With Kale: These miniature聽spicy bean balls are the perfect snack when you need a bit of extra energy.聽They鈥檙e incredibly filling for their size, and most importantly, they鈥檙e delicious. These would be perfect with a聽salad for lunch or as a quick bite on the go. (via Green Evi)

stuffed peppers

15. White Bean, Spinach and Turkey Stuffed Bell Peppers With Burrata: Stuffed peppers are a quick and easy weeknight dinner. This Italian version mixes fresh tomato sauce, great northern beans, brown rice and spinach for a nutrient-packed filling. Plus, they make great聽leftovers and are freezer friendly. (via Ambitious Kitchen)

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