If you’re all about a good pumpkin DIY, then you’ll love the latest chic Halloween decor idea! Pumpkin dioramas, which are partly inspired by the fairy garden trend, are the hottest piece of decor you need to make this season. The best part is you can put anything in these little vignettes — including ghosts, goblins, haunted houses and woodland forests. Plus, it’s virtually mess-free and easy enough that there’s no kid (or adult!) burnout. The end result is pretty magical. Scroll on and get ready to be captivated by these 18 ah-mazing DIY dioramas.

DIY Haunted House Pumpkin Diorama

1. DIY Haunted House Diorama: Skip that goopy pulp altogether and opt for a faux pumpkin to make this project extra easy. Cut out a little spooky house, tree and picket fence from paper and then bring them to life with a few little flickering LED tea lights. (via Lia Griffith)

DIY Spooky Pumpkin Diorama

2. DIY Spooky Pumpkin Diorama: Digging the black and white look this Halloween? Spookify your pumpkin diorama with a toy graveyard gate and then add paper bats around the outside for an extra cool touch. (via A Pumpkin and a Princess)

DIY Spooky Terrarium Pumpkin Diorama

3. DIY Spooky Halloween Terrarium: This tutorial comes complete with a printable spooky house to make this project extra easy. Cut a small hole in the back of the pumpkin to shed extra light onto your scene during the day. And don’t forget a string of flying bats. (via The Paper Mama)

DIY Cobweb Pumpkin Diorama

4. DIY Cobweb Diorama: Create the perfect home for (faux!) spiders right inside of a black craft pumpkin. Paint the inside of the pumpkin and the stem gold or silver and then use creepy cotton webbing for the creepy crawlies. (via DIY Network)

DIY Woodland Scene Pumpkin Diorama

5. DIY Woodland Scene: If you’re not feeling the spooky vibe, put together a forest scene that’ll look good all the way to Thanksgiving. Set it up on a tray with some pretty foliage and use it as a centerpiece for your mantel or dining room table. (via Hello Lidy)

DIY Crow Pumpkin Diorama

6. DIY Crow Diorama: Create a starry night by painting the inside of the pumpkin dark blue and adding stars (extra points if they glow in the dark!). Make mini tombstones out of clay, then seal the deal with a big ol’ crow. (via Eat, Knit & DIY)

DIY Wolf Scene Pumpkin Diorama

7. DIY Wolf Scene: For this whimsical werewolf scene, start off with a black craft pumpkin. Stick foam in the bottom and attach sticks to create a spooky forest. Display with a toy wolf and a gold moon, and get ready to howl. (via Country Living)

DIY Shadowbox Pumpkin Diorama

8. DIY Shadowbox Pumpkins: Haunted houses are always a win, especially when you light them up with plenty of battery-powered candles. Print off the free printables included in this DIY, then place a layer of clay on the bottom of your pumpkin and glue popsicle sticks to the back to anchor the scene. (via Crazy Little Projects)

Mummy Family Pumpkin Diorama

9. Mummy Family: The kids will love getting involved in this DIY and helping create a mummified version of themselves. Start off with white faux pumpkins. Next, add moss, twig “trees” and toy pumpkins for the cutest little Halloween family portrait ever. (via The Forever Teacher)

DIY Mossy Graveyard Pumpkin Diorama

10. DIY Mossy Graveyard Diorama: Mix things up outside by adding an adorable diorama to your porch. Use sticks to create the spooky forest and stones for the little graves. Beware: Real spiders might decide to take up residence in your upscale mini graveyard. (via My Crafty Spot)


11. DIY Flying Bats Diorama: If you’re digging that minimalist aesthetic, paint the outside of your pumpkins with a chalky white, and the inside pure black. Hang a glittering moon at the back of the pumpkin and dangle black paper bats at the front of the opening. (via Make It and Love It)


12. DIY Skull Pumpkin: Keep things super simple and sexy with this gold and black diorama. Cover the outside of the pumpkin with creepy netting and glittery spiders to maximize the chic factor. (via Michaels)


13. DIY Peeps-O-Lantern: Oh yeah, Halloween candy just met up with Halloween decor, and the result is awesome. The kids will love setting up this diorama with Peeps ghosts and pumpkins, although there’s no guarantee this scene will last all the way to Halloween. (via Lolly Jane)


14. DIY Tissue Paper Scene: Create a unique diorama and Jack-o’-lantern combo with this DIY. Layer light tissue paper and vintage-looking cartoons for a charming scene that looks as good during the day as it does at night. (via Tinsel and Trim)


15. DIY Enchanted Forest Pumpkin: There’s not a ghost to be seen in this cozy campfire scene, but the fall vibes are on point. Paint the entire pumpkin black, inside and out, then add an LED candle “fire,” clay pumpkins and a toy chair to toast s’mores under the stars. (via Curbly)


16. DIY Skeleton House: It’s simple, but this skeleton house is far from boring. All you need to achieve this look is black paint and plenty of bones. Have skeletons crawling out of the doors, windows and stem for maximum creepiness. (via Mom 4 Real)


17. DIY Ghostly Hanging: The key behind this uber creepy scene is lots of good lighting. Use LED candles and string light to make sure those bones are lit AF. Hang little skeletons and rope nooses from pins in the top of the pumpkin and add a few bats for good measure. (via The Art of Doing Stuff)


18. DIY Winter Scene: Embody the cold weather by going for an adorable winter scene featuring toy polar bears and an igloo. Get the look by adding foam snow, tiny trees and snowy slopes. Attach paper icicles to the edge of the pumpkin to complete the scene. (via Curbly)

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