Move over succulents — there’s a new level of adorable in town. Fairy gardens, which are part fantasy world, part indoor gardening feat, are taking over the gardening scene with their teeny tiny planters. While these mini outdoor spaces are awesome after-school activities for the kiddos, there’s definitely no age limit here. You’re never too old for magic, right?? To get one of your very own, grab a basket, a teacup, a birdbath or a bowl, and fill it with moss, tiny plants, miniature figurines — let your imagination go wild. Want to make it a prehistoric scene? Just add a tiny dino! Craving a beach scene? Swap out the moss for sand. Whether you’re setting up your fairy garden indoors or tucking it in your yard, there’s a whole new world of magic just waiting to be created. Scroll on through to get inspired.


1. DIY Sparkly Beach Stone Fairy House: Head to the beach and stock up on smooth round rocks. Let the kids cover them in paint and glitter and then add a few “fairy” touches like mini mushrooms and a birdbath. (via Little Monster)


2. Wooded Wonderland: Even fairies need a little R&R, and this mossy hill is just the place to relax among cork mushrooms and to check out their fairy hair in the looking-glass pond. (via Parents)


3. Barbecue Thyme Garden: This project involves a lot of pieces, but you get to recycle a thrifted barbecue into an adorable summer conversation piece. And you never have to worry about over-cooking your mini hotdogs. (via Garden Thyme With the Creative Gardener)


4. Fairy Tents: Apparently fairies are into glamping too. Just check out that pretty crocheted rug and cute bunting over the front door. (via Woody and Purl)


5. DIY Thimble Plants: Thimbles become the perfect planters for sprigs of flowers, leaves and even succulent buds. (via Estefi Machado)


6. Indoor Fairy Garden: Everything is cuter when it’s shrunk down to miniature size. Suddenly twigs look like giant trees and miniature ferns turn into a lush forest for the fairies (or Belle) to dance through. (via Dabbles and Babbles)


7. DIY Succulent Fairy Garden: One of the best parts about putting together your garden is making the accessories. All you need is a hot glue gun and twigs to make the cutest yard furniture you ever did see. (via The Magic Onions)


8. DIY Teacup Fairy Garden: Tea anyone? Just grab a teacup for this little vignette. Before you know it, you’ll have the perfect mini garden for your apartment or windowsill. (via Life Is a Party)

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9. Popsicle Stick Cottage: Craft the cutest cottage ever with a popsicle stick roof and a healthy dose of glitter, of course. Top it off with a faux butterfly and wait for the fairies to move on in. (via The Magic Onions)


10. Circus Theme Fair Garden: Raise your hand if you agree the only good clown is a teeny, tiny clown. Turn a planter into your own miniature circus with plastic toys and a tiny strand of bunting. Now where’s the cotton candy? (via House of Hawthornes)


11. DIY Beach Fairy Garden: Your neighbors probably wouldn’t appreciate you covering your yard with sand, but you can still bring the beach vibes home. Add moss, marbles and a few toys to create the ultimate beach vacation right on your porch. (via Joann)


12. Tiny Hammock Life: Looking for another twig-centric idea? Try tying embroidery thread together with twigs and scrap fabric to fashion a little hammock. Who knows, you might like it so much that you start dreaming up your own IRL hammock to lounge on. (via The Magic Onions)


13. DIY Tide Pool Container Fairy Garden: You’re bound to collect a few treasures after a trip to the beach. Let the kids help put together little jars of their favorite finds, and then add a mini sign to remember the location and date. (via Little Monster)

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