Serena Williams recently tweeted, “Ladies is a ‘push present’ a thing?” and started a convo about this new-ish tradition. She received over 200 replies and a very mixed response. Some people were fans of the post-baby gift, others had never heard of it, and some thought it was ridiculous. If you’re on team push present, the reasons to receive one are pretty justifiable. And if you lean toward a less-is-more kind of attitude, you might find the money better spent (or saved) somewhere else. Whichever camp you fall into, it’s a trend that isn’t going away anytime soon.

When Did Push Presents Become a Thing?

It’s not super clear on when push presents came into our collective consciousness, but social media has definitely helped boost awareness of the trend. With celebrities posting gifts to their feeds and new mommies adding ideas to their Pinterest boards, it’s become a growing expectation. It’s safe to say that push presents became a more mainstream thing in the last 10-15 years — although not everyone is on board. The term “push present” has proven cringe-worthy to a lot of women, and others find it to be an unnecessary expense when so many other things are going on in life.

So which opinion do you share? Are you for or against getting a little spoiled after nine long months of hard baby-making work? If you’re on team present, there is no standard for how much (if any) money should be spent. Here are some ideas that will help add a little extra celebration to the new life you’ve brought into the world.

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Budget-Friendly Ideas

1. Load up your Netflix queue. You may have been too preoccupied with third-trimester nesting, discomfort, and overall tying up loose ends at work to really pay attention to what is available on Netflix lately. Mention to your partner that you’d love to have a fully loaded queue of shows to watch on maternity leave. If you already have a membership, it’s an easy and truly free gift that will truly keep giving once you’re hunkered down with a newborn.

2. Create a reading list. When your baby wakes up to feed in the middle of the night, it’s not always easy for you to fall right back asleep once they’re full and snoozing again. Plan on having some middle-of-the-night downtime, and tell your significant other about the kinds of books you like to read. Ask if they can take the time to see what’s new or noteworthy to check out. They can create you a list on Goodreads or Amazon — or by lining up a queue of books you can borrow from your local library.

3. Arrange a massage. For a more hands-on approach, consider dropping some serious hints about setting aside some time for you to relax and decompress in the middle of all the feeding, rocking, and figuring out this whole parenting thing. A day of professional spa treatments would be ah-mazing, but if the budget is a little tight, ask for a nice candlelit massage at home from your partner. It’s an hour of time that will give you the opportunity to seriously chill.

4. Have date nights at home. It gets a little harder to sneak away for a date night once you have a newborn at home. Instead of building up a case of FOMO, ask your partner to plan a night in for the two of you in the first few weeks of parenthood. You can do it up as big or as low-key as you want to. Either way, it’s dedicated time for the two of you to reconnect, check in, and enjoy each other’s company.

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Ideas to Splurge On

1. Take a babymoon. Whether you’re looking for one last hurrah before the baby comes or a maternity-leave getaway with the little one in tow, a babymoon is a great way to privately celebrate your growing family. From a quick weekend road trip to planning an escape to a tropical paradise, if your budget and your time allow, this is one push present that’s rewarding for both parents.

2. Suggest personalized birthstone jewelry. If something sparkly is what you crave, consider asking for a bauble with your baby’s birthstone. It’s an easy way for your partner to select a personalized piece of jewelry without overthinking it. To narrow down the options, you could create a private list on Pinterest to share with them.

3. Schedule professional photos. If you’re not a professional model or a Kardashian, there aren’t too many times when a professional photographer is hired to capture a personal moment in time. But if there were ever a time to feel like a celebrity with your own personal paparazzi, adding a cuddly and sweet little baby to your family is one of them. Consider hiring a photographer who can schedule an at-home session to capture your family’s sweet moments together.

4. Hire a cleaning service. Okay, this one may not seem so glamorous, but seriously. The first few weeks or months with a newborn will get rough, and so will the state of your home. Take the pressure off to clean while the baby sleeps by hiring a cleaning service to do it for you. If your budget can swing it, this is a gift that will buy you your downtime — and sanity — back.

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