Nine months of growing an entirely new human being inside of you (not to mention dealing with less than amazing pregnancy symptoms), hours of labor, and plenty of pushing during birth definitely isn’t easy. You deserve a treat for all your hard work (other than your new baby, of course), right? Here’s where the push present comes in. It’s a present you get for giving birth that’s become increasingly popular in the US over the last few years. Push presents don’t have to be the diamond-laden gifts that celeb parents seem to favor. They can fit any budget and will bring a smile to a new mom’s face, regardless of size. If you’re still on the fence when it comes to the whole idea of this birth-day gift, check out five reasons why push presents are totally necessary.

1. It’s a keepsake of a special day. The birth of your child is a major memory. You want to keep at least the best parts of it in your heart forever. Yes, the push present is technically a treat in exchange for your labor. But it’s also a little memento of this special day. Every time you look down at that ring, clasp your bracelet, or wear the necklace that your S.O. so lovingly picked out, you’ll think about your baby — even when she’s nowhere near being a baby anymore.

2. It’s called labor for a reason. No one’s calling the hours leading up to delivery “relaxation” or “vacation.” When you hear the word labor you think of people doing hard physical work. Give yourself credit for pushing through a very tough physical experience. The fact that you’ve been laboring for the better part of a day (or longer), makes that little push present something you’ve totally earned. And regardless of size or price, it’s a little token that shows your work is recognized and appreciated.

3.Everything else is all about the baby. You had a baby shower and got tons of amazing presents. But, wait. Not one of those gifts was actually for you. For the last nine months, 100 percent of your life has been focused on the baby. That’s pretty much going to continue… forever. Over the first few years especially, your baby will be dressed like a stylish celeb, and you’ll be wearing old yoga pants and your S.O.’s college hoodie. Make the special day your baby is born about both you and the baby. The push present acknowledges that you deserve some attention too.

4. This is kind of a major holiday. Your S.O. has no problem getting you a Christmas gift or a Valentine’s Day gift. This day shouldn’t be any different. It’s a birthday. Sure, it’s not your birthday. But, it’s a birthday that wouldn’t happen if it wasn’t for you. No one (at least pretty much no one) thinks, “Christmas present? What? Why would I buy my other half a gift for this holiday? That’s crazy and over-indulgent.” Instead, it’s more like, “Christmas present? Of course, I should get the woman I love something to treat her well on this special holiday.” There’s no reason this ultimate pseudo-holiday should be any different.

5. Your S.O. loves you. Maybe this gift isn’t so much about what you’ve done, but how much you mean to your significant other. Your honey just watched you carry their child around for nine months — and is probably more in love with you than ever. Now that you’re giving birth, giving a push present is a way to mark that love in a very concrete way. Obviously, a piece of jewelry or some other totally non-essential gift isn’t the only way to say, “I love you.” But, it’s a sweet gesture that shows you that the love of your life appreciates you more than you may even know.

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