Oh yeah, it’s National Puzzle Day. Woot! Even though the box might say it’s for ages six and older, that doesn’t mean us adults can’t have a little fun too. Cool jigsaws for grown ups are totally a thing – whether they’re just for decoration, or you *actually* want to put together a 1,000-piecer. Take a look at these 12 puzzles that we’re loving for game night or the next snow day.


1. Heart Jigsaw ($17): Just in time for Valentine’s Day, this “You Complete Me” puzzle is the perfect gift for the puzzle lover in your life.


2. Magnetic Wooden Tile Circle Puzzle ($40): Magnetic wooden tiles in unique shapes and shades? We are brimming with ideas for where to put this work of art. Display it as is or think outside the circle and create your own “puzzle” of color and pattern on any magnetic surface.


3. Little Critters Puzzle ($24): Calling all girly girls: We’ve found the prettiest pink puzzle. The best part? Those adorable li’l critters, of course!


4. Wooden Block Puzzle ($66): Remember when you used to play with wooden blocks as a kid? Well, they’re making a comeback, puzzle style.


5. Puzzle Cutting Board ($23): Umm, we need this ASAP. A puzzle cutting board that carries your wine for you? We can’t even.


6. Neapolitan Circles Puzzle ($28): Not only would this pink puzzle be a great accent to your chic bookshelf, but it would also make for a great conversation piece at your next dinner party.


7. Mooreland Puzzle ($148): We’re pretty sure once we finish this whimsical wooden puzzle we would NEVER take it apart. It’s just too pretty.


8. Puzzle Shaped Sugars ($32): Okay, so you might not put this together like a traditional jigsaw, but these sugars are too cute to pass up.


9. FaceMaker Puzzler ($75): Talk about a fun game to play at your next family game night. Challenge: Who can make the best face?


10. State Puzzle ($111): You might be thinking that pulling out the big bucks is a bit outrageous for a puzzle, but it’s completely customizable – choose your state or even add your name. Yep, worth it for sure.


11. Pink Nebula Galaxy Diamond Puzzle ($16): Who said puzzles have to be all landscapes and cute animals? Shine bright like a (pink) diamond on your next snow day with this cosmos-inspired creation.


12. Puzzle Carpet Tiles: While these aren’t available *quite* yet, we thought they were too cool not to share. Keep an eye out for when you can grab these or DIY them?!

It’s only fitting to do a jigsaw puzzle on National Puzzle Day. Share your favorites in the comments below.