Although there are 50 nifty United States we all have one state that reigns supreme in our hearts. So, why not let the world know where your heart is in style? Whether you are a local – born and raised – or are new in town, we’ve found 15 fun ways to look like a hometown hero.

Up for a good crafternoon? Of course you are! After you’ve filled up your online shopping carts with the items below, why don’t you show your pride with our DIY state-shaped memo boards.

1. Metallic Oregon Ornament ($20): Who says ornaments are only good for the holidays? These hand-cut clay and leather ornaments also make for an awesome gift tag. Just write your message with a Sharpie and give a piece of the Beaver State to your loved ones year-round.

2. Florida Shoreline Tote ($78): This limited-edition Lilly Pulitzer tote is a super chic and colorful way to carry a piece of the Sunshine State everywhere you go.

3. New York is My Boyfriend Pouch ($17): Pretty sure we’re going steady now…

4. Maryland + The Other States Shirt ($25): If you’re from Maryland, then this shirt is obviously 100% accurate.

5. Michigan Pencil Set ($6): This pencil set is inspired by the “Say Yes to Michigan” advertising campaign that ran during the late ‘70s and early ‘80s. “Say Yes To Michigan” is considered one of the Mitten State’s most popular slogans.

6. Burlap State Pillows ($25): These pillows are made out of recycled burlap coffee bags and can be custom made to fit your pad’s decor.

7. State to State Mug Set ($32): Here’s a great way to stay connected to home even if you’re far away.

8. State Flower Prints ($25): Each print features the official flower of the outlined state and comes with a small pouch of wildflower seeds to encourage people to beautify their areas. As Lady Bird Johnson said, “Where flowers bloom so does hope.”

9. State Shaped Cutting Board ($48+): Your guests will never forget where you’re from when you serve cheese and crackers on a cutting board in the shape of your home state. Fancy!

10. Kentucky Letterpress Stationery Set ($16): Send greetings from the Bluegrass State to family and friends all over the world with this stationery set created by Jamie Karolich.

11. Letterpress State Maps ($28): Make every day a holiday with this map series inspired by vintage tea towels, souvenir plates and road trips.

12. Wild and Wonderful Shirt ($18): Promote West Virginia’s state slogan loud and proud! You’ll probably turn some heads in the best way possible while you’re at it.

13. I Love USA Napkins ($28): What a great excuse to host a dinner party for your friends! Just remember to put your napkin on your lap and keep your elbows off the table.

14. I Heart Rhode Island Bamboo Necklace ($22): Keep The Ocean State close to your heart with this bamboo pendant from Truche.

15. Watercolor Prints ($22): Lastly, a pretty pastel print. It’s the perfect time of the year to brighten up your wall decor!

What are some ways you show love for your home state? Let us know in the comments section.