We’ve swooned over glow-in-the-dark wallpaper and marveled at how many cool and practical apps there are to wallpaper your desktop. And now we found our newest obsession: MagScapesmagnetic wallpaper! Functional, pretty, and constantly letting you come up with new uses and designs, this wallpaper innovation is a Brit HQ must.

Magnetic wallpaper is super cool in theory, but when you start thinking about all the practical applications for this product, it gets even better. Hang phone numbers by the fridge, recipes by the stove, or task lists by the computer. Decorate your room with easily swappable photos or posters. Play with magnetic poetry for some inspiration or let the kids learn with alphabet magnets! It’s like hanging things on the refrigerator… but so much cooler!

As if magnetic wallpaper isn’t awesome enough, MagScapes brings several options to customize it even more. You can get plain white or one of the company’s pretty patterns. You can print your own design and customize it to your taste and space. They even offer dry erase magnetic wallpaper!

We think the dry-erase version of this would be perfect for a creative office — we’re getting giddy just dreaming about all the brainstorming and planning you could do with that on your walls! It brings our love for dry-erase paint to the next level with the addition of the magnetic functionality.

The company also sells a wide variety of magnets, from “funky pirates” to sturdy disc magnets. You can also totally use any magnets you already own (and this IS an excuse to DIY pretty magnets of all shapes and sizes and from all kinds of materials – stay tuned).

How would you use magnetic wallpaper? Can you come up with a unique application for this product? Share it in the comments below or let us know over on Twitter.