Cutting boards are just about the most useful tool in the kitchen, but the really nice wood ones can get pretty pricey. Aside from every day use, you use cutting boards for serving trays and cheese platters at parties, so it’s nice to have a wide variety of sizes and shapes. Don’t be intimidated by the word “saw” — all of these DIY cutting boards are simple and fun to make. Find a good chunk of hardwood at a furniture maker or hardwood dealer and then check out these 15 gorgeous DIY cutting boards to get you inspired to hit up those power tools.

1. Color Coded Cutting Board: You could make up a ton of these pretty boards, and they keep your food from getting contaminated. Go with the classic Meat, Fruit and Veggies, or you could also have a separate board for chicken, fish, cheese and other foods you prepare often. (via Dream a Little Bigger)

2. DIY Simple Cutting Board: Play around with some angles to create banners and houses for a fun set of cutting boards that all fit together.(via A Beautiful Mess)

3. Thick Boards: For some extra character, consider making a cutting board out of a really thick slab of wood; the thicker the board, the more character it has. This can be a focal point on a table. (via Centsational Girl)

4. Butcher Block Cutting Board: Picking the right wood is crucial when making a cutting board; oak can be a bit porous for cutting on, but if you can find a scrap piece of butcher block, it makes a gorgeous serving board too. (via Apartment Therapy)

5. Leather Handled Cutting Board: The leather handle gives an extra dash of classiness and will definitely come in handy when you’re moving around the kitchen or if you want to hang it to display your mad woodworking skills! (via Almost Makes Perfect)

6. Geometric Cutting Board: You’ll need some basic jigsaw skills for this one, but it isn’t too tricky. The geometric shape is too gorgeous to stay in the kitchen: take it with you to the dining room table and use it as a serving tray. (via Oh Happy Day)

7. Monogrammed Board: Wood burning is really simple and adds such a fun touch of personality. The personalization of this cutting board makes it perfect for a wedding or anniversary gift. (via Ruffled)

8. Geometric Cheese Block: If you want to add some height to your tablescape, check out this amazing woodblock. You can use it as a cheese tray, dessert stand or just as a plain old cutting block — you choose! (via The Merry Thought)

9. IKEA Hack: Perk up a dull IKEA cutting board with some elegant leather accents like straps and handles. (via Example)

10. Chalkboard Handle Cutting Board: Add some chalkboard paint and a ribbon to a plain cutting board and you have yourself a winning gift. If you’re using the cutting board as a serving tray, you can write down cheese varieties on that handy handle. (via Personally Andrea)

11. Heart Cutting Board: If you are power-tool proficient, try this adorable heart-shaped cutting board project. Plan ahead and make some for Mother’s Day as a thank you for all those meals Mom made you. (via Hello Natural)

12. Handmade Hickory Chop Board: This project is as easy as laying down some tape and paint. Choose a plastic paint that will be food safe and easy to wipe down after you’ve had food on it. (via Francois et Moi)

13. Photo Frame: The wooden grain gives a cool, sepia tone to that adorable puppy photo. It isn’t food safe, but if you just want to reuse a cutting board in a more artistic way, make a cutting board portrait! (via Madigan Made)

14. Personalized Board: The perfect gift for all the foodies in your life, this cutting board is personalized with a single wood-burned monogram. It’s always those little extra touches that make people feel special. (via Baked by Joanna)

15. Pineapple Cutting Board: If you’ve been smitten by the pineapple craze, then you’ll love this creative and crazy pineapple cutting board. Just some smooth moves on a saw and you can make a whole family of little pineapple boards. (via Poppytalk)

Would you ever try a DIY cutting board? Let us know in the comments below!