Braiding Newbies Will Love This Easy 3-Step Hairstyle
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Braiding Newbies Will Love This Easy 3-Step Hairstyle

Everyone loves the intricate, elegant look of a braid. But the plaiting part itself? Not so much. For newbies, learning to French, fishtail or Dutch braid can feel as hard as learning another language, and while we break all of those techniques down for you (+ more!) right here on the site, for some girls, braiding just doesn’t click. If you’re a self-described anti-braider, then this braid is for you! Using a roping technique, where sections of your hair are twisted into strands and then pinned into place, you can make your hair look effortlessly chic without crossing your strands over, under and every which way. In other words, this wedding guest-worthy hairstyle is totally lazy girl approved. Scroll down to learn how to DIY this ultra-easy braid — perfect for girls with curly or textured hair — in just three steps.


This hairstyle works best with hair that’s either naturally curly or textured in some way. Use a small-barrel curling rod to add waves or curl, if need be. From here on out, this style is super fast moving and easy to do. Just grab bobby pins and you’re ready to go!

STEP 1: Make Your First Rope

Pick up a 2- or 3-inch section of hair on one side of your head. Pinch it and twist it to create a rope, and lay it across the back of your head on the opposite side and pin it in place with bobby pins.


Create second rope from the section of hair opposite the first, twist it and place it across the back of your head right under the first strand. Tuck the ends into the first braid to disguise it a bit, then use bobby pins to secure it in place. Continue with this technique until you reach the nape of your neck.


Once you’re at lower-neck level, twist your remaining hair into a ponytail and secure the ends with an elastic band. Then, twist the ponytail up and tuck it into the ropes you already created to finish your updo.

Secure overall with a fine mist of holding spray! Wasn’t that easy?

It looks super complicated, but really only took you, what, five minutes? Cut even more time off the clock by wearing it as a half-up ‘do as well!

Hair Maritza Buelvas

Photography Cassandra Eldridge

Modelling Lindsey Gonzalez

Makeup Brenda Arelano

Will you be trying this too-easy updo? Tell us your favorite done-in-a-flash braid in the comments below.