Braided hairstyles are superheroes on those busy weekday mornings before work. No matter what condition your hair is in, they always seem to be the solution. However, braidscan get pretty complex. We’ve all had those moments where we find a tutorial for a cool hairdo that’s actually way more complicated than expected, and it’s time to put a stop to that nonsense. To save you a ton of braiding time on a hectic morning, we’re sharing our fave 16 quick braids to try out. Not only will these keep your hair neat, but they’ll also be the object of admiration among your coworkers.


1. Goddess Braid: This tutorial is actually intended for bridesmaids, which just goes to show that even simple hairstyles can be the prettiest. We’re huge fans of those decorative bobby pins too. (via The Everygirl)


2. Braided Chignon: Perfect for warm weather, this chignon is essentially a tucked-in braid that keeps your hair pulled back and away from your face. That pink hue is definitely sending us some wonderful summer vibes as well. (via NUDE)


3. Milkmaid Braids for Short Hair: Got short hair and braid ambitions? Extensions can solve all sorts of problems. (via Shirley B. Eniang)


4. French Braid Fringe: Popularized by Lauren Conrad, this French braid is the perfect way to pull back bangs that have grown out a bit. It’s quick to accomplish and looks great with any outfit. (via Bobby Glam)


5. Curly Dutch Braid Updo: Windy days are often the worst for curly hair because they encourage frizz and wispiness. This updo will keep your hair tidy on your morning commute, no matter how wild those breezes get. (via Hair Romance)


6. Messy Braided Crown: Braids can definitely be worked into hairstyles for shorter cuts as well. This style would be glam on all lengths. (via Wonder Forest)


7. Boxer Braids: We often shy away from tutorials with two braids out of the fear of looking like a schoolgirl, but that is not an issue here. In fact, boxer braids will give you an edgy, hardcore appearance. (via Refinery29)


8. Game of Thrones Braids: Have you ever paused to admire all the different hairstyles on Game of Thrones? We certainly have. Even though your working conditions may not be as stressful or life-threatening as your favorite characters’, you still deserve to have the same rocking ‘do. (via Lulu*s)


9. French Braid Chignon: Chignons are the ultimate classy bun. They evoke a feeling of French elegance and will boost your hair confidence (yes, it’s real!). (via The Everygirl)


10. Waterfall Braid: This is similar to the crown braid, but the braids are worked into your hair instead of being on the outside. Save this look for your next #lazygirl morning. (via Scentsa)


11. Braided Bun: We’re always experimenting with new hairstyles at Brit + Co, and this bun is definitely worth a try. It’s like a revamped ballerina bun. (via Brit + Co)


12. Curly Bun: The fun thing about curly hair is that its texture alone brings an added level of playfulness. This bun is exceptionally simple, but the waves give the illusion of complexity. (via Hair Romance)


13. Relaxed French Braid: This French braid will give your hair a break from being pulled back without sacrificing beauty. (via Luxy Hair)


14. Dutch-Braided Gibson Tuck: How well do you know your braids? The Dutch is one of our favorites because it draws attention to the twists and turns of the actual braid itself. (via Bobby Glam)


15. Pulled-Back Braid: If you exercise before going to work, you’ll definitely appreciate this pulled-back braid. It’s great for that early morning run, and you can even keep it for the rest of the day. (via Refinery29)


16. Messy Side Braid: Messy braids are a dream come true for layered hair that doesn’t always cooperate with traditional braids. (via The Everygirl)

Which braided hairstyle would you try out? Let us know in the comments below!