There are so many reasons why fall has us eager for summer to wrap up: PSLs every day, snuggling up in front of a fire, sipping warm apple cider and stargazing in an open field (to name a few). In case you can’t wait for the season to turn, here’s a list of literary quotes that’ll bring the delicious crunch of fallen leaves and the warmth of a freshly baked pumpkin pie to mind. Bundle up and happy reading!

ann of green gables

1. Anne of Green Gables: Even Anne knew there was something special about fall — October in particular. When the trees turn crimson and gold, there’s no denying that autumnal sense of wonder. Sigh. If you want to relive this moment over and over, go make sure to grab a free printable. (via Kayla Aimee)

f scott fitzgerald

2. F. Scott Fitzgerald: You know it’s fall when the air turns brisk, the leaves turn crisp and it’s time to trade in the sandals for boots. There’s no better time for change than fall — so why not use the changing of seasons to try new things? (via Perpetual Grace)

anonymous quote

3. Anonymous: It can be a huge relief to let certain things go that no longer serve you (dead leaves included). Like the trees that shed their old colors for what lies ahead in spring, make way for the exciting adventure that awaits and simply let go. (via Maya Elious)

emily bronte

4. Emily Brontë ($18): Here’s a reminder to take time to relax and enjoy the simple pleasures of nature. Listen to the autumn breeze rustle leaves, watch the glowing embers from the bonfire fade and bask in the beauty of fall. (via Etsy)

humbert wolfe

5. Humbert Wolfe: Summer’s great, but summer days have nothin’ on autumn evenings. Camping out in the backyard under the stars, sharing spooky tales and roasting marshmallows over a roaring fire. Ahh. Gotta love it. (via Mary Kate McDevitt)


6. Albert Camus: When fall rolls around, it’s almost impossible to not admire the beautiful colors that surround you. Like the leaves, everything about fall demands to be appreciated… oversized knit sweaters, the smell of pumpkin pancakes on a chilly morning and the warmth your hands feel around a cup of steaming tea. (via Paper Loves Glue)

john donne

7. John Donne: Like Donne said, there’s no season like fall to fill you with such warmth and homecoming. (via @jessicakeala)

8. Oscar Wilde: There’s no one who could have said it better. That’s the way the transition into fall feels sometimes — one day you’re headed to the beach and before you know it, it’s time to throw on those flannels and chunky sweaters. #notmad (via Progresso)


9. Robert Louis Stevenson ($5): Like farmers who work hard to sow seeds before they harvest them, it’s important to remember to work hard and stay patient. Your efforts may not pay off immediately, but the future promises a reward that’s worth the wait. (via Etsy)

william cullen bryant

10. William Cullen Bryant: What better way to end the year than by surrounding yourself with the splendor of burnt orange, gold and bright crimson trees? Go ahead and pull on those wool socks and make tailgating plans while you bask in the chilly air. And don’t forget to get a free printable while you’re at it. (via Free Pretty Printables)

Did any of these quotes speak to you? Let us know what your favorite things about fall are in the comments below.