Okay, so we’ve heard of the Roman baths, but now ramen baths? As in noodles? As it turns out, at the Yunessun Spa House in Hakone, Japan you can actually take a bath with your food. As in, you are in the soup, with inedible noodles and pork broth. It’s not just for fun either. All of this is being done in the name of beautiful skin. Yes, the belief is that bathing in noodles and pork broth stimulates metabolism and provides much needed collagen to skin. We’re still rubbing our brows on this one, but we guess it makes more sense than injections … kinda.

ramen bath 5

Don’t get us wrong. We do like noodles, but we feel like there’s a line that’s been crossed.

ramen bath 4

Oh, and we should mention that the craziest part of this noodle bath is that it takes place in the middle of the restaurant. For $175, you get to bathe in a public pool of fake noodles. The noodles they use now are synthetic. So, your bath-mates won’t be allowed to eat the noodles… we guess that’s a start.

ramen bath 2

Baths are something we’re definitely big on, but we’re thinking handmade soaps, loofahs and homemade foot scrubs — not our dinner.

ramen bath 1

What do you think about bathing in noodles? Would you try it? Would you admit it if you already have?

(h/t Time)