That’s right, eyebrow transplants are now on the rise. We’ve seen thick eyebrows all over the catwalk, on TV, in fashion magazines and pretty much everywhere else these days. But it wasn’t always that way. There were the days (ahem, ’90s Pamela Anderson) when thinner eyebrows were the fashion. If you were guilty of over-plucking those brows, you may have follicle damage that keeps them from growing back to their natural thickness. If you’ve been suffering for your former fashion sins, caterpillar eyebrow transplants might be your very own magical unicorns.


The procedure is a commitment though. Not only is there surgery involved, but it takes about three months to see new growth and 10-12 months for them to come in fully. Let’s face it: By then we might be over it.


We can probably all agree that surgery is for extreme cases. But if you’re feeling self-conscious about your brows, we’ve got a few non-surgical options for you to explore first. Rogaine and Latisse are both products that can help you get your brows back in shape. If you’re looking for a more organic solution, you could try castor oil, which is rumored to help with eyebrow and eyelash growth. If all else fails, you can fake it ’til you make it.

How do you feel about eyebrow surgeries? Would you ever consider it? Let us know in the comments.

(h/t Harpers Bazaar)