There’s a reason that partners freak a little when it comes to finding the perfect engagement ring — there are so many options out there and all of them beautiful in their own way. These raw, uncut rings are unique, handmade and ethically sourced for a genuine sparkle inside and out. So breathe a sigh of relief, send these picks along to your S.O. and let the wedding pinning begin!

1. Yuliya Chorna Rough Diamond Engagement Ring ($1,530): Between the etched detailing and subtle hue, this piece is just right for the color-obsessed bride-to-be.

2. Specimental Transparent Rough Diamond Engagement Ring ($1,500): Not a princess-cut kind of gal? This sparkler comes with a killer shape and good vibes — it’s ethically sourced and environmentally sound.

3. A Second Time Raw Diamond Solitaire Ring ($295): This uncut ring is one of a kind — just the way nature made it. And the blush color is just gorgeous.

4. Point No Point Studio 2.5 Carat Rough Diamond Engagement Ring ($1,400): Non-traditional doesn’t have to mean no bling. The rough texture of this diamond has an added feature: The light picks up on all of the tiny pieces for a seriously sparkly ring.

5. Specimental 18k Recycled Gold Stacking Engagement and Wedding Ring Set ($2,400): These breathtaking hues are too good to resist. The set is also available in rose gold or silver for a different kind of shimmer.

6. Olivia Ewing Brooks Uncut Diamond Engagement Ring ($898): This ring was cast from a real juniper twig and has a beautiful organic bark texture. Combined with the ethically sourced uncut diamond, it’s truly a showstopper.

7. The Chestnut Forge Raw Diamond Ring ($98): Each rough diamond ring is wrapped by hand, one diamond at a time, for an edgy and elegant finished piece.

8. Olivia Ewing Naples Uncut Diamond Ring ($2,498): This beautiful ring contains an uncut stone ethically sourced from Russia, but the band is what really tells the story: It’s cast from a real twig (in Prospect Park!) for some unbelievable texture — the ultimate Brooklyn bride’s engagement ring.

9. Hortense Herkimer Ring ($299): This dainty ring is set just off to the side of the band for an added edge. Wear it in a stack or alone for a hint of shimmer.

10. By Angeline Raw Diamond Engagement Ring ($725): These gorgeous rings are handmade using precious metals from a family refinery in Portland, Oregon. The finished project is a conflict-free, handmade ring that’s just as beautiful and unique as you and your betrothed.

11. A Second Time Raw Blue Diamond Ring ($495): This rustic oval-shaped diamond has a genuine blue tone that sets it apart from the rest of the rings out there — and it’s perfect for a wintery engagement.

12. Erica Weiner Herkimer Diamond Ring ($120): Think of these stones as featured, not flawed. And the forgetful bride-to-be will also love that they’re relatively inexpensive… just in case it gets misplaced.

Which ring will you be sending to your S.O.? Let us know in the comments!