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31 TV Halloween Costumes to Channel Your Favorite Show

Everyone is a little guilty of celebrating cancelled plans and spending some QT with Netflix. But when Halloween rolls around, it’s time to get those creative juices flowing to make sure the costumes (and everything else) are ready for the party. It turns out that all of that time spent with Netflix paid off — combining your love for your shows with the best holiday around can make for some seriously spot-on costumes.

1. Sherlock and Irene Adler, Sherlock: This spot-on Sherlock cosplay almost makes the wait for season four bearable. (via Deviant Art)

TV Doug and Patty

2. Doug Funnie and Patti Mayonnaise, Doug: It’s a bird; it’s a plane; it’s Quail Man! And if you’re going for a group costume, throw in Skeeter, Roger and your pup Porkchop. (via Miss Bizi Bee)

TV Kimmy Schmidt

3. Kimmy Schmidt, The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Take a break from your Netflix binge and get in touch with your Kimmy Schmidt side. Hashbrown no filter. (via Brit + Co)

real housewives costume

4. Real Housewives: Put on your best dress, pop a bottle and sharpen your claws for this costume. (via Brit + Co)

TV Twin Peaks

5. Lucy Moran and the Log Lady, Twin Peaks: We’re all anxiously awaiting the day that our favorite David Lynch masterpiece returns to our television screens. What better way to celebrate the comeback of Special Agent Dale Cooper than these costumes? (via Buzzfeed)

TV Wild Thornberries

6. Eliza Thornberry, The Wild Thornberrys: Eliza has a pretty sweet life — her family has a wildlife show and she can talk to animals. What more could you want, really? This costume is totally safe for the office, and bonus points for bringing your pup along! (via @hopiechan)

TV Golden Girls

7. The Golden Girls: You have to admit, those sequins are just too good to stay in the closet or thrift shop. The only problem is deciding which badass grandmother to emulate. (via A Beautiful Mess)

TV Big Bang Theory

8. Sheldon and Amy, The Big Bang Theory: Nerds unite! Grab your best graphic tee, colored tights and polish your eyeglasses. You’ve got people to correct and trivia night to conquer. (via @abigailandwhimsy)

TV Dexter's Laboratory

9. Dexter and Dee Dee, Dexter’s Laboratory: This Cartoon Network favorite is perfect for a nostalgic couple (or even a brother and sister!) (via Cosplay Daily)

TV Dynasty

10. Dominique Devereaux, Dynasty: Feeling fabulous this Halloween? Dress to the nines and rock some faux fur. Won’t it just knock your socks off when they find out you’re a Carrington? (via @tillytakespictures)


11. Elaine Benes, Seinfeld: All this costume requires is a loose floral dress, modest heels, a blazer with shoulder pads and the worst dance moves of all time. Totally doable, right? (via Theme Me)

TV Fraggle Rock

12. Fraggle Rock: Bring back the nostalgia (and keep it super comfy) with this classic ’80s throwback. (via Brit + Co)

TV Glee

13. Rachel Berry, Glee: Take yourself to a pre-Scream Queens Lea Michele and randomly break into song all night. Rachel Berry forever. (via Theme Me)

TV Arrested Development

14. Arrested Development: Good luck choosing your favorite costume-worthy Bluth! And if you decide to go as Buster, don’t forget your marksmanship seal and sand-racing gorilla. (via Moss and Mint)


15. Ms. Frizzle: Hop on the Magic School Bus with this zany costume perfect for redheads. (via Brit + Co)

TV In Living Color

16. In Living Color: Channel this classic ’90s sketch comedy with your best #TBT threads. (via @__dem_shortcake__)

TV Jessica Day

17. Jessica Day, New Girl: All you need is a fit and flare dress, wavy hair and your best corny jokes. Who’s that girl? It’s Jess! (via @candisbadg)

TV Liz Lemon

18. Liz Lemon, 30 Rock: Ain’t no costume like a Liz Lemon costume, ’cause a Liz Lemon costume is mandatory. Well, not really. But who doesn’t want to hang out with Jack Donaghy and work on their night cheese? (via Newly Domesticated)

TV Married With Children

19. Peg Bundy, Married With Children: Because any woman that can deal with Al Bundy deserves a Halloween costume. (via hmmmbymel)

TV My So Called Life

20. Rayanne Graff, My So-Called Life: Angela Chase’s troubled BFF had some major friendship faux-pas (Jordan Catalano, anyone?), but her ultimate ’90s-girl fashion is definitely something for the books. (via Ramona Forever)

TV My SoCalled Life

21. Angela Chase, My So-Called Life: Between the latest Delia’s catalog and Claire Danes, every ’90s girl had some serious fashion envy going on. Get comfortable in pre-teen fashion with flannel, layered dresses and Doc Martens. (via @jacquelinealana)

TV Powderpuff Girls

22. The Powerpuff Girls: Chances are, you probably had at least one Powerpuff Girls sticker on your trapper keeper. Why not take a trip down memory lane this Halloween with two of your best gal pals? (via marvelgirl2010)

TV Punk Brewster

23. Punky Brewster: Before Clarissa Darling, there was Punky Brewster. Even Punky Brewster herself had to revisit her iconic look years later. Now that’s a Halloween costume. (via @MoonFrye)

TV STar Trek

24. Star Trek: Star Trek costumes are kind of like the cat costumes of the sci-fi world — classic and always a good go-to. (via io9)

TV Target Lady

25. Target Lady, Saturday Night Live: This Halloween, channel your favorite enthusiastic Target employee — it’s a match! (via @eoshaughnessy)

TV That's So Raven

26. That’s So Raven: Disney Channel sitcoms just ain’t what they used to be. This Raven costume is spot-on and hopefully free from futuristic shenanigans. Oh, snap! (via @ashian.burton1)

TV Tiffani

27. Kelly Kapowski, Saved By The Bell: Everyone in the ’90s was in love with K. Kapow. Relive the girl crush with those iconic stonewash jeans and your finest crop top. (via @jacquelinetaylorkeating)

TV Two Broke Girls

28. Two Broke Girls: This BFF-worthy costume is perfect even if you don’t work in the service industry. (via @gbelzile)

TV Walking Dead

29. The Walking Dead: Pumped about the return of TheWalking Dead? So is Modern Family‘s Sarah Hyland! You don’t need much for this costume — just go with some torn clothing, a little makeup and a gnarly fake weapon or two. (via @therealsarahhyland)

Jem Costume

30. Jem, Jem & The Holograms: This show had every ’80s girl dreaming of starting a rock band. And any excuse to rock a pink wig makes for an A+ costume. (via Deviant Art)

TV I Love Lucy

31. Lucy, I Love Lucy: If you decide to dress as the legendary Lucille Ball for Halloween, you have to do it right. Don your best red lipstick, practice your dramatic faces and rock those polka dots. (via The Fiercest Lilli Putian)

How are you channeling your favorite shows into your Halloween costume? Let us know in the comments!

Ahhh, fall. There are so many things to love about this time of year (give us ALL the sweaters and pumpkin-flavored eats). But, high on the list comes autumn decor candles, throws, textiles — you name it. Of course, buying items and actually adding them to your room are two different things. So we're turning to Instagram for the best styling advice and inspo for the season. Scroll on to see everything you need to get those wheels turning!

@sbkliving: Sometimes, it only takes a chic doormat to transition your front steps for the season. Hello, fall!

@rachelpuccetti: Excuse us while we spend an entire lazy Sunday relaxing in this fall-infused space.

@farmhousetofrills: A monochrome mantel never looked so chic. (That fireplace pumpkin setup is seriously *genius*.)

@faith_hope_home: Greet guests with a fall-themed entrance to set the tone for a day of pumpkin carving or scary movie marathoning.

@simplysoutherncottage: Don't forget about those nooks and crannies! This entryway/mudroom situation is capturing our little harvest-loving hearts.

@6thirtydecor: Speaking of pumpkins, pick up a few extra gourds to pave the way into your cozy autumn abode.

@farmsteadonfirst: That guest bedroom you weren't sure what to do with it? Transform it into a rustic retreat with some fall signage and mustard-yellow and green accents.

@fiddleleafinteriors: We're going to take a second to *swoon* over this adorable kitchen setup. Those farmhouse accents and simple centerpiece setup? We're in love.

@ohmydearblog: Contrary to what you think, florals *aren't* just for spring. Bring them into your abode by selecting buds in moody tones to pay homage to the season.

@simply.mrs.z: Drawn to modern style? Play up the Halloween vibes by picking black, orange and brass accents to rock on places like your bookshelf. (Bonus points for carrying the theme over to your textiles.)

@drivewaytodreams_crystal: We're going to go ahead and give two thumbs up to all of these orange-hued accents. Backdropped with a neutral furnishings and they truly *pop*!

@cripcollectiveig: For those who don't want to go overboard with the "fall stuff" this one will speak to you. Compile a couple of cute throws and a minimalist pumpkin print on your mantle and you're set

@cavcottage: Who said fun pillows were limited to furnishings only? We're ALL about this entry display.

@houseon77th: This daybed setup is a *dream*. But actually, this would be the perfect space to doze off in come the colder days.

@kristenforgione: For a more festive Halloween look, overhaul your living space with a spooky handmade addition like this one. *Googles paper bat DIYs.*