You could say that we’re big fans of Instagram, but we’re even bigger fans when the social media platform is used for a good cause. April is Sexual Assault Awareness month, and women and men in over 90 countries are wearing red lipstick and tagging #redmylips to raise awareness about sexual violence. The non-profit aims to help change the stigma surrounding assault victims and squash rape misconceptions by being loud — with red lips.

The hashtag runneth over with inspiring photos and inspiring words from people around the world. We found some of our faves and are letting most of them speak for themselves.


@mrsjbaranick: This ‘grammer lays down the basis of the campaign for us all: “Red My Lips is a global campaign to raise awareness of the damaging impacts of victim blaming and rape culture by wearing red lipstick for the entire month of April.”


@kirahismyname: The campaign, started by assault survivor Danielle Tansino, aims to help people understand that rape is not something that is ever invited, whether by the way a woman dresses or how much makeup she has on, and is supported by “warriors” — those who will help speak out against sexual violence.


@meowieface: “Sexual violence is NOT a WOMEN’s ISSUE. It is a HUMAN ISSUE. It affects us ALL. Raising awareness on sexual violence and combatting rape myths and victim blaming. Let’s demonstrate solidarity and support for ALL survivors throughout April.”


 @rozhana.b: Founder Danielle Tansino was raped when she was 29 years old by a friend of a friend. When she tried to do something about it, she was told by a female district attorney that “jurors don’t like women who drink.”


@emazontv: At that moment, Tansino said she realized, “It’s not ‘the system’ that fails victims of sexual violence… we all do. We are the system.”


@thegreenflame: Now a social worker and activist, Tansino is raising awareness about victim blaming and encouraging women everywhere to break the silence.


@redmylipsorg: “Educate our children and protect our tomorrow.”


@lyricsoullayphotogrphy: “By coming forward and standing up in speaking out we as a community can make the change to stop this horrible abuse.”


@nzaussie: “Shine a light in the darkness so those who need us can find their way… ”


@camillaada: “It’s not about vanity – it’s about visibility. RAPISTS are responsible for rape, not short skirts, drinks, or makeup.”


@sunburnt_sky: The nonprofit is currently looking to raise $50,000 to develop educational materials and kits and support outreach.


@jayebeebaby: “Both men and women all across the world suffer through this everyday, ‘No’ does not mean ‘convince me’ it means NO!”


@ablackwell93: You can help by donating funds yourself or rallying your troops and challenging everyone to donate just $5.


@titasr: “It’s time to speak out against victim-blaming attitudes.”

Do your part by showing your support for @redmylipsorg with #redmylips, and if you need help choosing the right shade of red for your skin tone, check out our guide here.

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