So many of us have dreams of becoming a published author, whether via a book or a media company. But it’s no secret that with those dreams comes the harsh reality of the difficulties that book publishing entails. From early manuscripts to the final product being in the hands of e-readers everywhere, the journey is truly a long one. Fast forward to 2015, where there’s an online platform looking to completely upend the book publishing scene and make it more accessible for every author who has ever had a vision of selling their own book IRL.

That platform is Reedsy, an outlet for authors to meet and work with some of the best publishing professionals around. No, it’s not justanother social network. By creating a space specifically for unpublished folks to meet with renowned editors, designers and other industry professionals, Reedsy actually eliminates the hardest hurdle in the book publishing world: getting a book in front of the right people (not to mention shipping a heavy, physical manuscript to various companies). Through Reedsy, authors easily upload their body of work to collaborate with experts and eventually turn rough drafts into full-fledged fiction and nonfiction ebooks.

The site’s streamlined interface and project management tools ensure your transformation from a promising author to a budding best-seller is an efficient one. With the help of Reedsy’s activity feed — like a LinkedIn for the pub world — users follow and connect with pros to get their ideas off the ground, including everything from help with catchy chapter titles to cover design brainstorms. Furthermore, the site is capable of facilitating file sharing, design revision, collaborative ebook editing and even secure payment contracts. From there, Reedsy even acts as your publicist by submitting your piece to all major ebook stores. Becoming the next E L James just got a lot easier.

Will you be joining Reedsy to turn your publishing dreams into a reality? Let us know in the comments.