Re:Make 2014 is over, you guys! From Friday’s Re:Make conference to Saturday’s festival, we packed Fort Mason with folks DIYing, shopping goods from makers, stuffing their faces with food truck deliciousness and watching live demos of some of today’s coolest new tech. Whether you weren’t able to make it or you just want to relive it all over again, here are 35 of our favorite highlights from the weekend. If you weren’t there, be prepared for FOMO.

1. Philz: The day started early, but luckily we had the best coffee in San Francisco to get our brains buzzing. (via @philzcoffee)

2. Wall of Makers: The pavillion was full of inspiration everywhere you turned. For example, this envy-worthy hang out space packed with work crafted by makers who’d be selling their goods on Saturday. (via @dianawillard)

3. Paint by Numbers: It’s a paint by numbers project on steroids! All weekend Re:Make attendees jumped in to do their part and transform this giant drawing into a multicolored masterpiece. (via @secondsunco)

4. Balloon Bliss: What do you mean all conferences don’t have tasseled balloons? (via @showe)

5. Yoobi Bus: For any item you buy (or simply social!) they donate a Yoobi item to a classroom in need. The founder came to lead one of the day’s panels, but he also brought along a renovated school bus decked-out with Yoobi goodies and awesome activities. (via @yoobi)

6. Inspiring Panels: Yoobi and Yes To’s co-founder, Ido Leffler led a discussion with Oh Joy! founder Joy Cho and STORY’s founder Rachel Shechtman about how technology is changing the way we shop. To keep the audience on their toes, Leffler got hold of a pack of Oh Joy! paper plates threw it out into the crowd, frisbee style. (via @maureenluyun)

7. Cork Board Vases: All the inspiring talks and panels were teaching us a lot, but they were also making us eager to get making! Thankfully we had #MakeBreaks where attendees got to do fun, hands-on activities. Our first project was led by our friends at Michaels. We did our thing transforming vases using cork board and paint! (via @amyprwang)

8. Doodles for Days: Even after the vases, some attendee just couldn’t stop living our new favorite hashtag #iamcreative. Luckily the tables were covered in butcher paper and Yoobi crayons were within reach! (via @sarayahm)

9. Epic Mealtime: All this learning worked up an appetite. We had lunch outside on a sunny San Francisco afternoon at the picturesque Fort Mason. (via @lisamwojcik)

10. Hangin’ With R2D2: Mashable’s deputy editor, Chris Taylor, came to tell us all about the 501st Legion, an international Star Wars fan-based organization dedicated to the construction and wearing of screen-accurate replicas of Imperial Stormtrooper armor. To join, you have to have made the costume yourself AND it has to be totally accurate. At the end of his talk he brought out a surprise guest who turned out to be no other than everyone’s favorite robot. Taylor brought R2D2’s creator on stage to show him off and explain a little bit about what exactly goes into making a functional robot. And then, the selfies ensued. (via @thebritmorin)

11. Cupcake MakeBreak: We already had a chance to make a souvenir to take home, but we also made something that definitely wasn’t going to last more than a couple minutes. Wilton gave us cupcakes and super convenient pre-piped icing pouches and told us to decorate our treat however we pleased. (via @shansimp)

12. Future of Fashion Panel: Lucky Mag’s Verena Von Pfetten moderated a discussion about how new technologies and platforms are changing the lifestyle and beauty industries. The hot topic of this talk was Grace Choi’s 3D makeup printer. Sad you missed the talk? Check out Grace’s just-released tutorial on how to turn your inkjet printer into a makeup maker. (via @caivka)

13. Eventbrite: With all this new information about technology and design we started wondering if we were ever going to have to leave the house? Thankfully Eventbrite’s cofounder Julia Hartz came on stage and gave us some pretty convincing statistics about all the benefits of meeting up the good, old-fashioned way. (via @maureenluyun)

14. Emcee Selfie: Comedian Heather Gold was our emcee for the day. She also hosted a discussion with paper company, Mohawk Paper’s VP and Creative Director, Chris Harrold. In typical 21st century fashion she didn’t let the chat end until she got a selfie with both him and the crowd. (via @heathr)

15. Maleficent Transformation: YouTube beauty guru Kandee Johnson picked one lucky girl from the audience to undergo a Disney villain-inspired beauty transformation. Mission accomplished, Ms. Johnson. (via @britandco)

16. Re:Make Festival: After Friday’s conference, the pavilion was transformed into a space full of vendors, DIY stations and awesome demos. (via @instagramercy)

17. Miniature Air Plants: As soon as you walked in, you could head to the B+C DIY station and make this itty bitty project. We painted miniature wooden pots and simply plopped in our mess-free air plant (no soil necessary!) for a DIY that will add some life to any desk. (via @helloglee)

18. Robot Love: R2D2 came back to hang again on Saturday and was totally the star of the show. People were snapping pics of the vocal little bot all afternoon. (via @moyerthedestoyer)

19. Hand Stitched Cards: Hallmark hosted a DIY station full of string, needles and these pretty cards. Folks created their own pattern and sent it away to a very lucky recipient (or maaaaybe kept it for themselves). (via @drifterandthegypsy)

20. Behind-the-Scenes Braiding: Yes To hosted a hair station during Saturday’s festival, but we couldn’t wait to get our braid on ’til then. Brit + Co intern Kelly snuck in a pretty, purple plaiting sesh behind the scenes of Friday’s conference. (via @wabisabibeauty)

21. Lego Mania: Kids and adults alike headed over to the Lego station to build anything from their alter ego to a massive castle to a Lego loom. The best part? They got to take it home! (via @shopellalou)

22. Photo-Friendly Cookies: Wilton had a cookie decorating station, where the cookies doubled as wait for it…. photo booth props! If ever a food was Instagram-worthy, these sweet treats were it. (via @wiltoncakes)

23. Leather Luxury: Over 80 makers set up shop at Fort Mason for the day. These gorgeous leather goods came all the way from Alabama. (via @loyalstricklin)

24. Magazine Wall Art: Beacon Adhesives set up an upcycled magazine wall art DIY station. (via @beaconadhesives)

25. Tote-ally Crafty: Izzie provided tape and fabric dye to help guests make original tote bags. We immediately put our creation to use by stuffing it full of souvenirs and projects, natch. (via @izzeofficial)

26. Robot Shopping: R2 definitely had a fan packed-day, but it seems he still managed to save some time for a browse around Half Hitched Goods‘ Doka truck! (via @halfhitchgoods)

27. Festive Photos: So. Many. Instagram backdrops! (via @bambina_bakes)

28. Golden Tunes: It’s not a festival without a DJ. And it’s not a Brit + Co festival without a gold fringed DJ booth. (via @judyzpixs)

29. S’more Snackin‘: Why yes, there was a vendor making gourmet s’mores with a blow torch on this amazzzing geometric stone! (via @generikany)

30. Watercolor Lettering: Hallmark also hosted a watercolor lettering DIY station. This was not your grade school paint session, people. The results were unreal! (via @cafcaf_)

31. Save the World Sandals: Teysha was one of the most popular vendors of the day – and with good reason. The ultra-vibrant shoe and accessory company partners with artisans and communities all across the globe to help craft these beautiful (not to mention ethical) kicks. (via @drifterandthegypsy)

32. Sitting Pretty: This wasn’t a simple lemonade stand kind of set up. Vendors really went all out to make their space look unique. (via @theweekendpress)

33. Headband Heaven: Forever 21 helped us step up our hair accessory game with a DIY station. There were studs, fabric dye and rubber bands for tie dying. (via @charissadot)

34. Giant Twister Board: It was a giant Twister board and bouncy all in one. The little ones couldn’t get enough of this dotted fun! (via @britandco)

35. Grand Finale: And that was Re:Make 2014! Our community editor (and a maker who set up shop at the festival on Saturday!) Alexis celebrated a successful weekend with a bottle of bubbly. Cheers to that and to Re:Make 2015?! (via @secondsunco)

Were you at Re:Make? What was your favorite moment from the weekend?