Bags play a very important role in our lives. From the totes we tote to accessorize (hello DIY fringe) to the those we carry to save lunch money, there seems to be one for every occasion. With so many states enacting laws that charge for needing paper or plastic at the grocery store, it’s becoming a nationwide trend to BYOB (Bring Your Own Bag, like these cute ones) when shopping. Beyond complementing your style and being totally eco-friendly, a new study shows that the bag you bring may also affect what exactly you buy.


A study from the Harvard Marketing Journal says that people who BYOB are “likely to purchase organic produce and other healthy food.” Seems natural, right? You’re already reducing waste and making the world healthier by reusing your bag; making your body healthier seems like the natural next step. Still, there’s a sweet caveat to this study’s findings. Like, literally sweet.

The study goes on to say that making healthy choices makes shoppers “feel virtuous” and that makes them feel like “they should treat themselves to cookies or potato chips or some other product with lots of fat, salt, or sugar.” That’s right, guys — this study explains your treat-yo’-self tendencies.


So how do you combat this cycle? Keep bringing your bags (it’s good for the earth, y’all) but try to get snacks that are satisfying but also healthy, like frozen yogurt or fresh fruit with raw chocolate. Or you could try making your own desserts with natural ingredients (here are a few butternut squash recipes you’ll dig). Either way, bringing your own bag and treating yourself occasionally and in moderation are always good decisions. Just ask our dream BFFs:


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