We wanted to be sure to make the most of the best season for baking, so we did some more important squash research. And since we fell in love with the butternut squash recipes we found for our savory roundup, we decided that we definitely couldn’t skip out on dessert. While these recipes insert butternut squash into some pretty classic desserts (like ice cream and donuts), most of the finished products are pretty healthy thanks to their main ingredient being one of our favorite fall fruits.

1. Healthiest Ice Cream Ever: This paleo ice cream recipe is designed to eat while on a sugar detox. Supposedly it’s still irresistible — give it a try and see if your normal diet could use a boost. (via Paleo Parents)

2. Butternut Squash Cake: Here’s another healthy, eight-ingredient spice cake that’s both delicious and nutritious. (via Nellie Bellie)

3. Butternut Squash Pie: Offer your family and friends some variety this holiday season by opting for butternut over pumpkin. (via The Moveable Feasts)

4. Butternut Squash Cheesecake: Better yet, stir the pie pot a little more and whip up a butternut squash cheesecake! (via Life Tastes Good)

5. Butternut Squash, Apple + Pear Crisp: Mmm, crisps made of fresh, seasonal fruits like apples or peaches are probably the best part about each season. Have you ever tasted ones made of butternut squash? (via Edible Perspective)

6. Oatmeal Butternut Squash Cookies: Don’t doubt it until you try it! By then, though, we predict you’ll be in love already. (via Life Tastes Good)

7. Spiced Mini Bundt Cakes: We went crazy for apple bourbon bundt cake, so we obviously can’t wait to make these minis. Oh, and they have maple toasted nuts on top with melted apple caramel candies. Yum! (via Hippopotomousse)

8. Butternut Squash Snack Cake: Add chocolate to anything and we’re there. Use dark chocolate and these snack cakes are indeed healthy enough to classify as ‘not dessert.’ (via The Live-In Kitchen)

9. Butternut Squash With Saffron + Granola: Though this recipe calls for soaking the squash in sugar to make its natural flavor a little sweeter, the pecans and granola are still decently healthy ingredients. (via Dining With Dusty)

10. Butternut Squash Waffles: Unlike some other takes on sweets, this won’t be too sugary for breakfast. The butternut adds a perfect hint of fall flavor that will help you start your day with a smile. (via 17 Apart)

11. Maple Butternut Squash Donuts: How are we ever supposed to say no to a donut? (via The Sweet Chick)

12. Quinoa + Squash Brownies: Like our favorite ‘I can’t believe these are healthy brownies’ made from zucchini, there’s now another healthy, faux-chocolate variety to try — this time made of quinoa and butternut squash. (via Nosh and Nourish)

13. Spiced Butternut Squash Bread: Love pumpkin bread? Try this stat. (via Healthfully Ever After)

14. Whole Wheat Butternut Squash, Apple + Hazelnut Muffins: Talk about waking up to something gorgeous! We just want to grab our slippers, coffee and one of these and pretend it’s morning forever. (via Coffee + Quinoa)

15. Cake With Salted Caramel Sauce: The squash keeps the cake extra moist, and goes expertly well with the caramel topping. (via Knead for Food)

16. Gluten-Free Butternut Squash Pancakes: First you roast the squash, then you put it in your pancakes. Voila! (via The Roasted Root)

17. Breakfast Smoothie: Creamy, sweet and spicy, this smoothie provides the whole package… while still being good for you. (via Everyday Feasts)

18. Whoopie Pies With Maple Cream Cheese Filling: If you’re a fan of these cake-like cookies, don’t forget to try eggnog whoopies, too! (via Eva-Marie’s Blog)

19. Vegan Cake Cookies: Is it a cake? Is it a cookie? Whatever it is, it has cream cheese frosting on top and we want to bake it. (via Alimentageuse)

20. Baked Apples With Spiced Squash: Challenge: how many fall flavors can you fit into one dish? Whip up this pick and you’ll find out! (via Heartbeet Kitchen)

What are some other desserts that can be made healthier by using butternut squash? Share some ideas with us in the comments below!