Adults need to be fiscally responsible — this, every 20-something knows. But it’s way easier said than done, especially during the winter. Besides the biggest budget buster of the year — hello holiday gifts! — in most parts of the country, it’s cold AF out, which results in mass buys of cozy layers, warm blankets and expensive bills from cranking the heat. Thanks to a new Kickstarter project, that might not have to be the case in 2016. The hack for saving on your heating bills and getting your apartment winter ready is: Build a bedroom fort. Seriously. Ladies and gentlemen, meet the Room in Room.

The Room in Room is a tent designed to fit on your bed that blocks the cold air outside and circulates warm air on the inside — a feature that could save 10 to 20% on your monthly heating bill. It links to your bed easily at the edges of your mattress with clever clasps and pops up to create your own little fort and feel like you’re glamping at home. This isn’t a one-size-fits-all gimmick: The Room in Room fits multiple mattress sizes and also comes in four colors, so it will complement your bedroom’s aesthetic.

Nerding out is allowed inside this fort: The Room in Room includes a height-adjustable laptop stand and an overhead smartphone suspension harness that’s pretty game changing: Hang your phone in the harness, lie back and relax while watching your favorite videos or shows minus the chills.

People have actually been using bed curtains and other similar ideas to keep the cold at bay during the winter months for years, but this is what the creators, camping gear company iKamper, are deeming the modern version. A pledge of $70 to $100, depending on your mattress size, will have you cozy in bed ready to Netflix and chill with ease when your Room in Room arrives by February 2016.

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