Gummy bears certainly aren’t just for kids anymore (if they ever were, amirite, candy-lovin’ friends?), with boozy bears and bear-filled shots getting the party started and Champagne gummy bears classing up the joint. But if you’re not keen on making the tipsy treats yourself, then you can just order these rosé-flavored gummy bears. That is, if you’re willing to be as patient as the more than 400 other peeps currently on the waiting list.

Sugarfina, a high-end candy boutique, offers everything from Peach Bellini Candies ($3+) and Pale Ale Pints ($8+) to Martini Olive Almonds ($3+) and Jamaican Rum Snowballs ($8+), along with plenty of other delish options. Each offers a tasty drop of sugary yumminess infused with boozy goodness.

But it’s the Rosé Gummies that are all the rage at the moment. At $8.50 per box, the treats will become available nationwide June 30, making them the perfect choice for any summer occasion. But if you want them sooner rather than later, then you’ll need to get on the waitlist now (at, because according to reports, it’s already around 400 names long. Yowza!

If you don’t want to wait quite that long, you can always make ‘em yourself, which will surely impress all of your alcohol-loving friends.

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(h/t Bustle, photos via Sugarfina)