Fitting in a good regular sweat sesh can be tough to stay motivated about. Not only are there so many things we need to do day to day, but, let’s be honest: There are WAY more things we WANT to do instead. Inventive one-off events like the Virgin Sport Festival might be a good option for breaking out of the workout blahs, and so might noted #Girlboss Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s intense workout plan. Wait… what?

It turns out, the 83-year-old Associate Justice of the Supreme Court does a regular workout that puts our half-baked, irregular treadmill efforts to shame. Twice a week, she does a routine with an Army Reserves Sergeant personal trainer that even Politico‘s “young and reasonably fit” writer had trouble keeping up with.

So what keeps Bader Ginsberg fit and fierce? She routinely bench presses 70 pounds, does leg curls and presses, chest flies and lat pull-downs, one-legged squats, push-ups (the REAL ones, not even on her knees!), standard and side planks, arm and shoulder exercises with dumbbells (while on an exercise ball — work that core!), high-knee step-ups and a series of medicine ball throwing and catching. And, you know, some other exercises too. Phew. Only a woman as tough as her could be doing this regularly at 83 years old.

The 30 Day Shred. Sweat With Kayla. Bench Press With RBG? We like the sound of that.

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(h/t Politico, photos via Mark Wilson, Saul Loeb, Allison Shelley/Getty)