Ryan, Ryan, Ryan. We bet swimmer Ryan Lochte never expected to get so much heat when he lied about a robbery to cover up his frat boy behavior while in Rio. Having been charged for vandalizing a shop after security footage showed the swimmer and his teammates being, um, indiscriminate, after a night of hard partying, as opposed to being robbed as they originally claimed, he’s already lost a number of high profile contracts with Speedo and other companies. Now, Lochte is being punished again, and this time, it could have detrimental effects on his career.

Investigation Continues Into US Swimmers' Claims Of Late-Night Robbery

Both the US Olympic Committee and USA Swimming have banned Lochte from competing for 10 months, which will make it so that he can’t compete in the 2017 world championships. He’s also got a fine of $100,000 to contend with. These measures seem like they might spell the end of Lochte’s swimming career.


His partners in crime have all been banned for four months, and one of his teammates, Jimmy Feigen, donated $11,000 to a Brazilian charity after he fled the country.

Since Lochte was charged while already at home in the US, his lawyers say he won’t respond to his charges, but in Brazil, you can be found guilty without actually being in court — so he could face 18 months in prison if that actually happens.

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(Photos via Mario Tama/Matt Hazlett/Getty)