This Guy Makes Insane Celebrity Portraits With Pancake Batter
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This Guy Makes Insane Celebrity Portraits With Pancake Batter

Breakfast makes the world go ‘round, right? Or at the very least, it keeps you from having a mid-morning crash. Even if egg recipes or caffeinated pastries are more your thing, be prepared to be wowed by the basic pancake.

Nathan Shields is an illustrator, math teacher and dad who makes the most insane pancake creations. He originally started experimenting with pancake art (it’s a thing!) for his two kids while living in Saipan (a US territory close to Guam). The family now resides in Northern Washington state, where Shields continues to put his creativity to use through illustrated Celtic knots, linocut trees and, of course, pancakes. He’s also got a blog for math enthusiasts — talk about a jack of all trades.

His range of talent in the medium of pancake batter is especially impressive. He’s done Breaking Bad characters, Star Wars icons, the Beatles, famous vampires (Dracula and Count Chocula, FYI) and even the Biebs.

The results are amazing, but where he really shines is through his videos — you’ll be totally mesmerized as he takes you through his process at lightning speed.

There’s a recipe and tips for making your own on his website — the key to the different colors is cocoa powder, he shares. You start with the darker bits and then go lighter as you create your design. (Turn down the heat if you need to go slower.) If that’s not really your speed, you can get one commissioned for yourself or your company, as Ford and Nutella both have done.

Check out more of his creations on his YouTube channel or his Instagram account, and find our favorite pancake recipes over at our Pinterest page.

(Featured photo via Saipancakes on Facebook)