We want you to take a moment and think about how hard it was for us to resist coming up with a title that involved Shoop, Push It, or Let’s Talk About… you know what. But we resisted, because not *everything* in the home needs to relate to the 90s. Without further tangential ado, here are 40 unusual salt and pepper shaker sets, perfect for a kitchen or dining room makeover.

1. Doodle Salt and Pepper ($36): Chalkboard paint on salt and pepper shakers? So cute.

2. Neon Shaker Set ($95): We love adding a pop of neon to our outfits, homes, and nails.

3. Goldplated Pomegranates ($99): Not exactly sure what inspired a pomegranate filled with salt, but we’re digging the gold.

4. Pencil Salt and Pepper Grinder ($55): This is a really cute gift for teachers or students.

5. Toadstool Shakers ($7): These little mushrooms look just like Toad in Mario!

6. Dino Shakers ($7): Open the door, get on the floor, everybody salt the dinosaur…

7. Matryoshka Salt and Pepper Shakers ($7): Nesting salt and pepper shakers? Adorable.

8. Two Peas in a Pod ($22): Speaking of a cuteness overload, how about these two peas in a pod?

9. Shake & Polish ($35): For the gal who loves her a good mani, these little polish bottles are a perfect gift or stocking stuffer.

10. Retro Arcade Shakers ($15): Alert! Space invaders are on the table!

11. Pacman Blinky Shakers ($18): These are just begging to become stars of a dining table stop motion movie.

12. Bottle Grinders ($60): All about freshly ground peppercorns and salt crystals? These bottles will do the trick.

13. Concrete Shakers ($64): We love the industrial look of this concrete pair.

14. Film Roll Salt and Pepper Shakers ($15): Such a fun way to repurpose old film rolls.

15. Wind-Up Salt and Pepper Robots ($20): Beep boop bop bop! These robots actually wind up and walk around your table – love it.

16. Avocado Salt and Pepper ($45): We do love us a good avocado.

17. Rubik’s Cube Mill Set ($15): The first of our “currently unavailable” category, we love these colorful cubes.

18. Lego Salt and Pepper ($30): Did you know that there is a huge collection of Lego-inspired goods from the home? Stay tuned for more on that ;)

19. Acorn Salt & Pepper Pots ($30): These sweet pots look perfect for Easter.

20. Ninja Kids ($15): Why not keep ninjas on the ready at all times?

21. Bowling Ball and Pin ($10): The Dude would approve.

22. Battery Grinder Set ($11): Keep those spices charged up!

23. Amethyst Salt and Pepper ($115): This beautiful pair of shakers is definitely more of an investment, but they would certainly add beauty to any tablescape.

24. Darth Vader & Stormtrooper Shakers (currently out of stock): The whole out-of-stock thing makes us think that the force might not be with us.

25. 1930s Pressed Glass ($14): Created from 1930s glass molds, these beautiful sea green shakers look right out of a classic American diner.

26. Swiss Spice Salt and Pepper ($20): Built for hard conditions like extreme heat, snow, and rain, this shaker is great for outdoorsy folks.

27. Taste Explosion ($25): Kapow! Pepper! Salt!

28. Ceramic Handmade Pots ($42): We love the combination of earthy rock and pastel paint.

29. NaCl + Pe+(Pe)r ($15): Did Bill Nye make these?

30. Maracas Shakers ($53): Make your meals more musical with these fun maracas shakers.

31. Dry Bones Shakers ($32): On the creepy end of the spectrum, we have shakers that look like bones.

32. Zepplin Shaker ($28): Now we just need to figure out way to get these to actually fly…

33. Ceramic Tops ($36): We love the playful charm of these ceramic tops.

34. Pantone Salt and Pepper Mills (currently out of stock): These are still out of stock. Boo!

35. Helvetica Shakers ($18): Oh hey Helvetica, do you come to Brit + Co. often?

36. Cornwall Sailboat Shakers ($61): Created in a small seaside town in Cornwall, England, these shakers are a must for nautical nuts.

37. Pug Shakers ($26): #puglife

38. Samba Shakers ($79): More music for your table!

39. Keyboard Salt & Pepper Shakers (currently out of stock): We absolutely need a set of these at Brit HQ. Come back into stock please!

40. Switch Salt and Pepper ($14): And last, a light switch-inspired set of shakers.

What’s the wackiest, most wonderful, or silliest set of salt and pepper shakers you’ve ever seen? Share links with us in the comments below.