We don’t need to rehash that whole housing bubble bursting thing, but it has led to an interesting real estate trend — more and more people are choosing to “flip” houses, or buy, renovate and resell for a higher price. If you’re a DIY TV junkie like us, you’ve probably seen Flip or Flop on HGTV. If you’ve had secret dreams of flipping houses, showing off your design prowess and becoming a millionaire, it turns out such dreams aren’t limited to us normal people. Jennie Garth has her own home renovation show, and Sarah Jessica Parker and hubby Matthew Broderick recently flipped a gorgeous Manhattan bungalow. Really, it’s no surprise that Carrie Bradshaw, who had such killer taste in shoes, also has killer home decor tastes. Read on for 10 house flipping tips à la SJP.

1. Make a Smart Budget: Before swinging your first sledgehammer, reassess your crazy Pinterest-fueled dreams about your house’s potential. Reality will hit sooner or later, so you’d better have a realistic budget. Important questions to ask to yourself: What are similar homes in the area going for? And how much time/money can you reasonably put in? (via It’s Great to Be Home)

2. Opt for Lots of Natural Light: No one wants a dark house, so obvi lots of windows are a given. But don’t forget that your choice of window treatments also affects brightness. If you’re up to it, a skylight is a great option. (via HGTV)

3. Add Crown Molding/Wainscotting: Crown molding is an instant way to up the pricetag and elegance of your house. Luckily there are now lots of ways to get the bang without the buck. (via Decor Chick)

4. Add Walk-In Closets: Walk-in closets scream luxury. Take a cue from Carrie Bradshaw. (via SF Gate)

5. It’s Not All About the Pretty: Appearance is pretty dang important, but no one’s going to bid on a pretty house if it has termites. Don’t forget structural improvements like pest control and HVAC updates. (via How Stuff Works)

6. The Kitchen and Master Bath are Your Moneymakers: Think about it. What’s the real gathering place in your home? We’re betting it’s the kitchen, so space for guests and for prep work is key. An awesome bathroom is also important to relax in once those guests go home. (via REST University)

7. Upgrade Appliances: We’d kill for a double oven, French door refrigerator, six burner stove… You get the picture. Fancy new appliances will earn you major points (and dolla dolla bills y’all). (via 1-2-3 Flip)

8. Hire a Good Stager: You want potential buyers to be able to imagine their new lives in your property, which means either no furniture or a gorgeous setup. Let a stager help you lay those area rugs, and the offers will be rolling in. (via Burlap and Lace)

9. Maintain the House’s Integrity: No one wants a Southwestern casita in a neighborhood full of Craftsmans. Your house flip isn’t necessarily a time to show off your own tastes, but to help the future buyer segue seamlessly into their new locale. (via Design First Builders)

10. Don’t Forget Curb Appeal: We all know the importance of first impressions. Your fabulous interiors don’t matter if you can’t get people through the door. Have a yard? Go for some nice landscaping. City locale? Work with what you can. Greenery, even on a tiny urban patio, is always appreciated. (via Front Door)

Have you thought about house flipping? Flipped a few already? Share your tips and ideas in the comments!

(h/t PopSugar Home)