There’s a new pocket-sized gadget in town that makes calorie counting and healthier grocery shopping a heck of a lot easier. SCiO, patented by Consumer Physics Inc., is a molecular sensor that analyzes an object’s chemical makeup and instantly sends the health info straight to your smartphone. That sounds pretty freakin’ sweet if you ask us.

Gathering nutritional info is not all this handheld sensor can do. Not only can it tell you how much sugar is actually in your apple or how ripe an avocado is, but it can also analyze non-food items, like plastic, jewels, plants and even your medicine.

Although the prototype is up and running, the finished product is still in the works. To support the development of the final SCiO, its developers started a Kickstarter to raise $200,000 toward the project; a goal that they’ve already skyrocketed passed. Currently, over 11,800 backers have pledged over $2.5 million to get this bad boy in stores, so chances are, you’ll be seeing SCiO on (Internet) shelves by the holidays 2014. Add it to your wish lists now, because we’ve got a feeling these things are going to be very popular.

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(h/t Mashable)