Selena Gomez has been full of surprises lately! After dropping the bombshell that she鈥檇 received a kidney transplant from BFF Francia Raisa just prior to her split with The Weeknd, the 25-year-old had fans鈥 jaws on the floor when she reconciled with ex Justin Bieber. Now, she鈥檚 delivering yet another another shocker, hitting the red carpet at the AMAs with 鈥 gasp! 鈥 a platinum blonde 鈥榙o!

The look was a shocking one, to be sure, considering that just this morning, she took to Instagram stories with her usually dark locks, saying, 鈥淭oday is the day.鈥

She paired her new hue with a leather Coach minidress, making for a completely badass look that we couldn鈥檛 take our eyes off of.

Though we鈥檝e seen the pop star as a blonde before in her 鈥Bad Liar鈥 video, her color is legit this time, with no wigs involved, as stylist Marissa Marino revealed on her Instagram page. 鈥淕uess who鈥檚 a BLONDE,鈥 she wrote, adding, 鈥淐olor by @nikkilee901 and @riawna.鈥

While it鈥檚 unclear whether she鈥檚 in the blonde game for the long haul or just temporary, one thing鈥檚 for sure: Girl looks smokin鈥!

We can鈥檛 wait to see what she has up her sleeves for tonight鈥檚 performance.

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(Photos via Neilson Barnard + Cindy Ord/Getty)