“But first… let me DVR Selfie.” Pinterest’s first TV show, but it ain’t the only social media coming to a TV near you. Selfie, a B-star-studded pilot with the same name as the pose that knows how to rack up those Instagram taps will be a part of our Must-Watch (okay, Maybe-Watch) list this fall, too.

Selfie comes from Suburgatory creator Emily Kapnek and is like “My Fair Lady” for the social media age. It tells the story of selfie-obsessed, 20-something Eliza Dooley (played by Doctor Who actress Karen Gillan), a sudden social media star suffering a bad rep in the unwanted, Lo Fi-filtered spotlight. After a very public and humiliating breakup (we all know how the Tweetz and the FB can make that time in our lives a virtual and literal Hell), she becomes the subject of a viral video. We’re guessing it has something to do with the breakup/maybe is OF the breakup, but that’s just the sleuth in us. Eliza becomes Instafamous, racking up social media followers that are more interested in laughing at her than with her.

The bad bout of TMI brings Eliza to seek the help of Henry, a marketing expert at her company played by Harold & Kumar actor John Cho. He works to save Eliza’s personal brand from the tarnished state it’s in.

Hmm, something about this show makes more sense than we’d like to admit. We’ve seen the tolls tabloid takedowns have on our once-shiny celebs, and we have an idea of what spending too much time in the reality star spotlight can do to a regular Joe, but the whole culture of the Insta-celebrity is still in its formative 15 minutes. If Selfie can spend more time exploring new media manners and what pressing post on the wrong post can really do to a person, (plus, what it looks like to put oneselfie through social media rehab) we think it’s worth a slot during our future Hulu night.

Will you tune in to “Selfie”?! What other social network do you want to see on the small screen?

(h/t: Business Insider)