Sure, flowers are great and store-bought jewelry is nice, but the secret to the perfect Mother’s Day gift is something more heartfelt and handmade. We want to gift her something that will pull on her heartstrings — something that will become her new favorite. And sorry, but that ain’t flowers. Take a look at these 18 DIY sentimental Mother’s Day gifts and get inspired to create something that your mom will absolutely adore.


1. DIY Letter Shaped Boxes: Make them say “MOM” or make them say “YAY” (for the best mom ever, obviously). Then stuff each box with sentimental, meaningful doodads that will fill her with memories from throughout the year. (via Studio DIY)


2. Baby’s First Mother’s Day: If your friend or wife is experiencing her first holiday as a mom, these tea towels will have her in tears — which she can then wipe away with the towels. (via Honest to Nod)


3. Geo Display: Did you and your mom recently have an epic mother/daughter weekend away, or just an awesome day at the beach? Give her a lasting memory of the time with this geo display, which she can turn to whenever she’s missing you. (via Vanilla Craft Blog)

embroidered photo pillow

4. Embroidered Photo Pillow: Snuggle with mom all the time with these DIY photo pillows. She’ll enjoy them even more if you live far away. (via Brit + Co)


5. Gold-leaf Silhouettes: Whether you create images of you and all your siblings or the silhouette of an old photograph that she loves, your mom will want to add these to her gallery wall immediately. (via Brit + Co)


6. Fingerprint Necklace: As an adult, your mom might not find your footprint as adorable as she did when you were a tot, but there’s something about a print of you that does give her the feels. This necklace is the grownup way to give you mom what was some of her favorite art when you were in kindergarten. (via eHow)

diy craft box

7. Craft Box: Collect all those old drawings and love notes that she saved and put them in a pretty box like this. That way she can reminisce whenever she wants, without having to go into storage. (via Tara Dennis)

tissue paper presents

8. Tissue Paper Photos: Does Mom need a few more old-school family photos in her life? DIY these photo embroidery hoops or help her with her summer centerpiece with a picture candle. Believe it or not, you can create it all with tissue paper. (via Brit + Co)


9. Handprint Gift Idea: Here’s another one for the mini-me set. If you’re helping coordinate a Mother’s Day gift for your sister, friend or partner, this is a bright, easy and heartfelt piece of handprint art that we have no doubt will hang on her wall forever and ever and ever. (via Munchkin Time)

photo vase

10. Photo Vase: Time to get picture happy. Upgrade a wooden vase with an old picture of you and your siblings or even a picture of her grandkids. It’ll be a hit. (via Brit + Co)


11. Fortune Teller: Do you and your mom have, like, so much fun OMG ALL THE TIME? Then you’re going to want a way to remind her of all those laughathons you’ve had together. Bring out those middle school skills, and start making a fortune teller that takes her down memory lane. (via Real Simple)

diy magnets

12. DIY Photo Magnets: Stop — magnet time. If you and your mom have some miles between you, fill her fridge with pictures of you and your kids. (via Sundaesins)

photo box

13. Pop-Up Photo Box: While some grandmothers can whip out their brag book, your mom will be able to whip out her bright brag box. It will make a great coffee table piece. (via Brit + Co)


14. Gem Clay Photo Holder: Gem-shapes? Great. Heart-shapes? She loves them. A gem/heart-shape mashup that holds a photo of the two of you? You always were her favorite. (via Smile and Wave)


15. Clay Jewelry: When you and your mom have two parts of the same necklace, she’ll always feel connected to you — no matter how near or far you are. (via Brit + Co)

post wedding book

16. Wedding Photo Book: If you just got married this past year, put together a book full of pictures of your special day and all the special people who came. Your mom will absolutely love it. (via Brit + Co)

MOM planter

17. MOM Planter: Does your mom have a green thumb? Give her a mess of succulents for Mother’s Day and schedule a gardening date for just the two of you. (via Brit + Co)


18. Pop Art: As much as moms love their kids, sometimes they just don’t want to hang a paint blob of your stinking foot on their wall. But a little pop art? That’s something their gallery wall could definitely take on. (via You Are My Fave)

What are you making for your mom for Mother’s Day? Tell us below!