They make a mean grilled cheese sandwich, they dance wildly around the kitchen to cornball “light rock” jams, they wipe the schmutz off your face by licking their thumb and forcefully rubbing it on your forehead and they take care of you when you break your foot whether you’re 9-years-old or 30. They’re moms and they’re amazing. Let’s celebrate them! We teamed up with Lowe’s to stock up on a variety of plants, paints and pots to make gifts for Mother’s Day. Then we hosted an event where our guests got crafty embellishing pots to take to their moms! Here are three fun planters we made to give mom a shoutout.


– terracotta pot

– cardboard letters

– laser cut wood

– flowers and succulents

– soil

– Valspar acrylic paint (we used mint, teal and magenta)

– gold Deco paint pen

 – box cutter

– scissors

– hot glue gun

– Scotch painter’s tape

– Scotch decorative tape

– 2 paint brushes

– Vinyl letters

Mom Planter

We’ve used these letters before to make marquees, and now we’re bringing them back to make a planter.

1. Cut out the top layer of your letters using the box cutter.

2. Remove the cardboard inside.

3. Line the inside with decorative tape.

4. Add soil and flowers.

This is so adorable, moms everywhere will be shedding tears over this planter. How cute would this be as a centerpiece at a Mother’s Day brunch? The answer is cute. Real, real cute.

Laser Cut Planter

For this awesome flower pot, we designed a template to use with our laser cutter. A few beams later we got four pieces of wood that fit perfectly into a triangular pot that is just the right fit for your hip mom.

1. Hot glue the sides together and then add the bottom of the pot.

2. Place tape on the planter creating a straight line, paint below the tape and let dry.

3. Make another straight line with tape and draw a line underneath with your Deco paint pen.

4. Add two more pieces of tape and two more lines with the pen.

5. Peel the tape off.

6. Add rocks to help with drainage and then pot your plant.

Terracotta Pot

Terracotta pots have been around forever (like foreva, eva) and are great to paint with their porous surfaces. In honor of mom, we decided to add some words to customize our pot for that lovely lady.

1. Spell a word or phrase using vinyl letters and then paint over the letters. Let the paint dry and then peel them off.

2. Paint a pattern on the pot and let that dry.

3. Add soil and some flowers.

Here are a few more cuties we made at the event for further inspiration.

We turned this votive into a hanging planter.

And we spray-painted a basket and added colorful flowers. Now, time to show you some behind-the-scenes action from the blogger event at Brit + Co SF!

People got super creative with their planters — creating ombre designs, hilarious quotes and really awesome floral combinations.

Aren’t those awesome? Such a fun event!

What will you make for your mom this year? Talk to us in the comments below.

This post is a collaboration with Lowe’s.