Walking through aisle after aisle of makeup displays packed full of products can be a little overwhelming, especially this time of year with holiday makeup out in full force. It’s fun to browse and all, but actually shelling out dough for products is a different story. You want to be 100% confident the shade, formula, texture and tone of the product you’re choosing is just right. Even if you do a color test on your wrist or neck, you probably won’t be totally sure that it’ll appear the same way on your face. That’s where ShadeScout, a cosmetic color search app, comes in. The app can match colors from your surroundings to makeup products — but their latest update just took this rad beauty-meets-tech innovation one step further, just in time for the holidays.


ShadeScout’s latest update lets you virtually try Stila Cosmetics’ products — including their brand spankin’ new holiday palettes. Instead of guesstimating that a deep eggplant purple eyeshadow will look good on you, fire up this app and see for yourself — all without having to dirty up your fingers with tester products and spending money before you’re totally sold on the stuff. It’s perfect for when you want to play with different holiday looks you could go for too.


After some coworkers and I played with this app (shoutout to our creative coordinator Maddie and our front desk associate Rebecca for their selfies!), we all decided that it’s a fun and addictive update — just like the virtual lipstick try-on feature in Sephora’s app. This app update is one worth downloading if you want to become a makeup maven, have a blast figuring out your go-to holiday look or just be able to buy the exact shade you’re feeling (you can shop right from inside the app). Oh, and def don’t throw down on a Stila holiday palette before testing it out with ShadeScout.

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