Never has it been so convenient to get whatever you need (or *want*) without ever stepping outside. From healthy subscription boxes to the best foods on Amazon, it’s basically the golden age of delivery. And you can bet your mailbox that bartenders want in on the fun! Shaker & Spoon is the newest, coolest, and arguably most fun subscription box to hit the market, boasting all the ingredients you need to make drool-worthy gourmet cocktails in the comfort of your own kitchen.

The premise is simple: Each month, you’ll receive a box full of cocktail-making essentials, plus recipes, tips, and tricks straight from world-class bartenders. It comes equipped with all of the ingredients you need (think lemons and limes, syrups, herbal garnishes, etc.) to make three different artisanal cocktail recipes. Don’t worry: You’ll get more than three drinks out of this box — there are enough supplies to make FOUR of each of the three cocktails, so you’ll be able to serve 12 in total.

The only thing the box doesn’t come with is — you guessed it — the alcohol. While differing state laws means you won’t get the necessary spirit, the service does encourage you to branch out, focusing on a new liquor each month. Previous boxes have featured recipes for staples such as gin, vodka, and sake.

The subscription retails for about $40-50 per month, and you can skip or cancel at any time. Now you have no excuse to serve boring rum-and-Cokes at your next soiree!

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