You live in a concrete jungle, but your core is all John Muir. You have the thick beard and $400 heritage ax to prove it (for decorative purposes only, of course). When you sweat, it smells like pine needles and dirt. So what if you live on the 10th floor of a 1930s art deco building? Once people set foot inside your apartment, they swear to Babe the Blue Ox that they’re in Paul Bunyan’s home. If that’s not yet quite the case, read on for some lumbersexual interior inspo, and you could have your dream secluded cabin in the woods, right in the middle of the pulsing city.

1. Multipurpose Room: Someday, your dream is to live in single-room cabin or, better yet, a restored barn. Until then, find a garage in the city to live out your multipurpose, single-room living. The apartment here is located in Philadelphia, and the owner describes it as American industrial with natural elements. (via Apartment Therapy)

2. Blue Doors: Dramatic and moody, adding a busted up old door to your modern interiors gives your home a rustic, homey feel. (via 79 Ideas)

3. Chalk Boards + Florals: While you’re away from those fields of wildflowers, you can still get your colorful fix with some chalkboard art action. This particular mural is sitting in Astro Coffee in Detroit. (via Kinfolk)

4. Making the Most of Your Space: When you live the lumbersexual life, it’s all about thoughtful minimalism. This blacksmith-shop-turned-home in Greece is a perfect example of that, pine hideaway bed and all. (via Emma’s Design Blogg)

5. Using What You Already Have: Forget going out and spending money on things you can make at home. You make due with what you already have. And suddenly, a wire hanger that used to give you visions of Mommy Dearest is now a peaceful place to hang the towel you use to clean up all of your beard trimmings. (via Stephanie Somebody)

6. Reading Nook: A worn leather chair, a kilim rug and an alpaca throw all need to find their way into your home, someway, somewhere. We suggest copying this reading nook down to the very last detail. (via Emily Henderson)

7. Lumberjack Wallpaper: If your landlord isn’t down with you nailing a bunch of reclaimed wood into those plastered walls, this timber wallpaper gives you the same effect without all of the lumber and without all of the nails. (via Andrew Martin)

8. Reclaimed Wood Wall: Then again, if your landlord has no problem with you giving your space a major upgrade, this is a great DIY project. This particular home is part of a sustainable housing project in Austin. (via NYTimes)

9. Bookshelves: As a lumbersexual, you’re an educated man and you love to read. A built-in wooden bookcases is the way to go. If you work in a floral couch, you get extra bonus points. (via Wit + Delight)

10. Natural Flair: Any baubles or doodads that you’ve collected while camping or roughing it in the wild should be proudly displayed throughout your home. (Even if you did just pick them up from the flea market.) (via Queensland Home)

11. Tiny Kitchens: Like if you actually lived in the woods, your apartment kitchen should be tiny. If you ever do make the transition to a real cabin, you will have trained yourself to survive in two square feet of cooking room. (via Askov Finlayson)

12. Laura Kicey Forest Tapestry ($59): All you really want to do is to be able to look outside your window and see the trees; there’s a tapestry for that.

13. Door Hooks: When you get home from a long hard day of coding (or as you like to think of it, putting the ax to the grindstone), you’re going to need a place to hang all that red buffalo plaid. Mounting a few hooks right by the door is not a bad idea. (via Kinfolk)

14. Pendleton: The only bedding you need to concern yourself with is from the woolen mills up in Oregon. (via Camp Wandawega)

15. Selective Details: Not every corner of your place needs to be decked out in knotty wood to prove you live the lumbersexual life. Sometimes it’s just one well-placed accent that gives away your wood-burning desires — like a stack of logs. (via Domaine)

16. Kitchen Sink: Tear out whatever white cookie-cutter sink is currently sitting in your kitchen counters and install a salvaged beauty like this. (via The Design Files)

17. Reclaimed Wood Table: If there’s only one wooded element you add to your apartment, make sure this is it. (via Alyssadventure)

Are you living in a lumbersexual wonderland? Share pictures of your pad with us in the comments below.