Tired of seeing nothing but millennial pink and mushroom browns in your Pinterest decor feeds? You’re in luck! Sherwin Williams just released their color forecast for 2018, and all three color palettes are fresh, bold, and totally unexpected. Each palette includes 12 shades, so you’re looking at a grand total of 36 colors to choose from, depending on your personal aesthetic and level of color obsession. Each palette is meant to create a sense of community and promotes the idea that color can reflect social consciousness. Scroll on to see the gorgeous combos, and get ready to perk up your space with 2018’s must-try shades.

The first palette — Sincerity — is full of those trendy muted colors that are perfect for a minimalist space. Inspired by hygge, minimalism, and Instagram, this palette of cool grays and neutrals like Sashay Sand, Rojo Dust, and Wheat Penny promises you Pinterest-perfect interiors with every single shade.

Next up, the Affinity palette was influenced by everything political: Topics like trans-culturalism, community, and artisanal crafts lead the way to a palette that’s full of bright colors like Borscht Red, Exuberant Pink, and Oceanside blue. According to Sherwin Williams, “We crave security and adventure in equal measure. Airbnb, car sharing, and e-learning have created a culture of everyday nomadism. The bright folklore of this story is told in memorable pops of peacock color.”

Lastly, Sherwin Williams calls the Connectivity palette a high-tech grouping that is “pixelated in orange, violets, digital greens, and high-def yellow.” Drawing futuristic vibes from everything like youth culture to virtual reality and environmentalism, shades like Jay Blue, Queen Anne Lilac, and Black Swan promise to pay homage to a generation that is “waving the flag of color freedom, and Instagramming every moment.”

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(Photos via Sherwin Williams)