Just because you have short locks doesn’t mean you are short on options. In fact, some of the hottest actresses and models are going short this season, and they’re showing us just how to rock the style. We’ve gathered 10 beautiful updos that are made especially for those with trimmed tresses, none of which are short on glitz or glamour. So pull out the hairspray, bobby pins and teasing comb, and get ready to don these looks you’ve been longing for.

1. Short and Sleek: Let’s start with one for those days when you don’t feel like washing your hair. The day-old texture will make it easier to keep everything in place. (via Refinery 29)

2. Half Up to Full Up ‘Do: For a variation on this look, you can choose to wear the sophisticated vibe of this spiraled bun half-down and just rock the woven look up top. (via The Small Things Blog)

3. Curly Updo: Curls aren’t only for long locks. Mini curls pin back to create this gorgeous updo. (via Refinery 29)

4. Headband Updo: Looking for ways to use those hundreds of headbands you’ve collected over the years? Here’s your chance! (via Style Bistro)

5. American Hustle Updo: There’s a reason everyone was obsessed with Jennifer Lawrence’s updo in American Hustle from the second she appeared on screen. Recreate the style with this version made just for short hair. (via XO Vain)

6. The Loop Updo: We never knew a simple loop could look so fancy. Tying your hand around at the end is a perfect way to cover up the tie or elastic you use. (via The Small Things Blog)

7. 1960s Inspired Updo: Oh, the volume! This ‘do adds some serious height and pairs so well with bangs. (via Hair Romance)

8. The Chic Updo: Chic, indeed. A messy, tousled look is always a sexy and romantic choice. (via The Small Things Blog)

9. Twist Updo: Get the classic look — a French twist in the back with retro volumized body on top. (via Refinery 29):

10. Twists Updo: Here’s a unique style that is totally meant for cropped hair. Simply twist, pin and voila! (via Hair Romance)

Which updo suits your fancy? What is your favorite way to style short hair? Leave us a comment and let us know.