Last night was the premiere of the new (and oh, so controversial) reality TV show Start-Ups: Silicon Valley. The show is a collaboration between Bravo and a brand new production company called Zuckerberg Media — yes, as in Randi Zuckerberg (sister of Mark), who is admittedly a good friend of mine.

The show has been controversial here in Silicon Valley because many argue that it does not reflect the authentic ‘reality’ that takes place here in the tech industry. I could go on and on about the reasons why it’s considered inauthentic, but most media sites have already done that. While I tend to agree with the critics, I truly believe this show has enough of a plot line to hook the traditional Bravo viewer. It’s a definite departure from the Real Housewives, but perhaps that’s a good thing? Who knows. Time (and ratings) will tell.

But this post isn’t a review of the show. It’s a review of the much more interesting part (at least to us)… the premiere party!

No really, we couldn’t pass up the chance to give you guys a sneak peek at the fantastic geek-chic DIY ideas that were spotted at the premiere. We’d like to think that the event organizers might have spotted some Brit + Co. ideas as their inspiration, but we’re furiously taking notes on some of the concepts they came up with, too.

To kick things off, meet the cast. From left to right: Sarah, Dwight, Kim, Randi, David, Hermione (no, not the Harry Potter one), and Ben, her brother. One of these leading ladies was wearing a pair of our favorite geek chic Louboutins. Any guesses who it was?

Next, the decor. This party was all about old school tech and we were LOVING it. Not only were the 90s the best decade ever (see the VHS tapes below and tell me it doesn’t make you even a tiny bit nostalgic), but floppy disks, remotes and CDs make for amazing DIY materials. Just check out our remote control jewelry, floppy disk planters and 10 ways to repurpose CDs posts for ideas on how to use these objects for your own projects. We’ve yet to do a repurposed boombox project… but are inspired. Stay tuned for that.

Next we have the food. We love the idea above for serving passed appetizers on CDs and can’t get enough of these darling app cupcakes (appcakes?). They remind us so much of our chocolate iPhones and sushi cupcakes, combined! We do wish that the event organizers came up with a spin on the popcorn. Next time, they should try one of our delicious popcorn hacks! Even better, serve up a DIY popcorn bar for your guests to add their own toppings. Trust us, people, popcorn is the new ice cream sundae.

Finally, what good is any party without a photo booth? We love the cardboard (and glitter!) props and are especially ga-ga over that Rubik’s cube skirt. I’m not sure where else I’d wear it outside of a tech conference or a Halloween party, but it was a perfect ensemble for this event in particular.

Which of these ideas is your favorite? What did you think about the show? Gab to us about any and all of it in the comments below, or throw a girl a tweet on Twitter!