As you may have noticed, this week was all about wearable tech. From Google Glasses, a USB locket, and the Pebble to transforming unwanted gadgets into gorgeous bangles and rings, we can’t get enough of the intersection between fashion and technology. Naturally, we had to serve up a DIY project of our own. You know you’ve been saving those old remote controls for a reason, right?

 – old remote controls

– multi-purpose adhesive (we like E-6000)

– cheap bangles

– ring pads (available on Amazon)

For all of these, the first thing to do is to unscrew the remote controls with a teeny tiny screwdriver and then use a flathead screwdriver to pry them apart.

Look at all those colorful circuit boards!

And the buttons just pop out – it’s like they were made to be turned into accessories. ;)

1. On Demand Ring

Take the on demand button and cut it in half so it’s flat at the bottom. Use pliers to curve the ring pad into a canoe-like shape. Add a little glue and set the button in. Voila!

2. Circuit Board Ring

For our second ring, we took a cue from the folks at Cirkuita and cut up an old circuit board. Trace the base of the ring and cut out a circle. Use wire cutters to take one of the spiral pieces of wire out of the circuit board and glue onto the circuit board circle. Glue to the two on the ring and you’re done.

3. Button Bangles

If you’re using super skinny bangles, glue them together and let set for about 10 minutes. While they are setting, arrange all those buttons! We went for a little 80s action with 867-5309. Glue onto the bangle and let set overnight. (We are still on the hunt for finding the best glue to attach rubber to metal, but the E-6000 did a pretty good job.)

4. Circuit Board Bangle

Glue several bangles together to create a wider bangle “canvas” for your circuit board. Cut out pieces and glue!

We had a few extra squares of circuit board so we also create a small pair of earrings. So cute!

Wear them all at once to really get your geek chic on, or use one as your piece of flair for the day. Either way you play it, people will get a huge kick out of your remote control accessories.

Have you tried your hand at repurposing any old tech items? Let us know your ideas in the comments below or come talk to us on Twitter.