Lazy weekend breakfasts are the best, no question about it. It’s crucial to take a well-deserved break from the usual grab ‘n’ go muffin — you know, the one you end up wolfing down in your car — and lounge in your pajamas savoring a breakfast casserole. If you’ve got a family to feed, you might be thinking that this is all easier said than done. But we’ve got 18 no-hassle skillet breakfasts that will feed the masses while allowing you to kick back.

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1. Polenta, Refried Beans and Skillet Bake: Digging into this saucy polenta dish first thing in the morning sounds like a great way to kick things off. There’s also a ton of nutritional value here, so you can #TreatYoSelf without falling off track. (via Ambitious Kitchen)

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2. Pomegranate Vanilla Skillet Cobbler: Now that winter is *sort of* nearing its end, we should probably take advantage of what time we have left to garnish our eats with those pretty pomegranate arils. This skillet cobbler is the way to do it. (via How Sweet It Is)

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3. Skillet Cinnamon Buns With Cream Cheese Frosting: Cinnamon buns are all kinds of fantastic, but homemade cinnamon buns fall into a totally different ball park. These gems are swirled with a brown sugar and pecan filling, then slathered with cream cheese frosting. (via The Sweet and Simple Kitchen)

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4. Skillet Biscuits and Gravy Casserole: This indulgent Southern classic is a stick-to-your-ribs kind of breakfast, so you won’t be running a marathon afterward, but it’s worth it. (via Garnished Plate)

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5. Blueberry and Ricotta Skillet Cake: It isn’t summer yet, but we can dream a little and this skillet cake will help. Nothing fills a kitchen with the smell of a summer morning better than baked blueberries. (via Camille Styles)

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6. Kale and Garlic Frittata: For those mornings that have you feeling like a kale smoothie is boring AF, don’t fret. You can get a healthy dose of super greens by baking this tender garlicky frittata instead. (via B. Britnell)

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7. Fluffy Baked Oatmeal Soufflé: A “soufflé” may sound a little fancy, but don’t be hesitant. This fluffy and delicious skillet breakfast is simple to make, and the whole crew will lovingly devour it. (via The Weary Chef)

8. Spring Asparagus and Smoked Salmon Baked Eggs: For anyone who loves the delicate texture and smoky flavor of smoked salmon, this springy dish brings bright flavors together for a perfect way to start a lazy Sunday. (via The Bay Leaf Kitchen)

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9. Giant Cinnamon Roll With Caramelized Pears: When handheld cinnamon rolls just don’t cut it, make a giant one. This bad boy can serve a crowd, but if you simply make it for your fine self, we won’t judge. (via Yin and Yolk)

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10. Baked Eggs With Swiss Chard and Green Olives: If you want a breakfast that is jam-packed with flavor but doesn’t lead you straight into a carb coma or sugar crash, this egg bake is where it’s at. Briny olives and tangy feta bring punchy flavor to this feel-good option. (via The Modern Proper)


11. Cherry Vanilla Skillet Baked Oatmeal: Baked in a skillet, this beautiful, rustic breakfast is GF and sans refined sugar. (via Rhubarbarians)

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12. Sweet Potato Chorizo Hash With Eggs and Avocado Crema: This hassle-free hash is weekend breakfast perfection. It’s packed with nourishing veggies, all while treating you with some salty and scrumptious chorizo. (via Wicked Spatula)

13. Skillet Red Velvet Pancakes: Red velvet fanatics will be wooed by this crimson delight. Thick and hearty, cocoa cake is baked in a skillet and drizzled with a cream cheese glaze that can’t be denied. (via Well Plated by Erin)

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14. Parmesan Pancetta Bread Pudding: Savory bread pudding? With Italian bacon in it? Oh heck yes. This spin on bread pudding is all we need in our lives. (via Seasons and Suppers)

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15. Cheesy Grits Breakfast Bowls: It doesn’t get much creamier and dreamier than a heaping mound of velvety and cheesy grits. There’s a reason this Southern staple is considered its own food group, and this recipe is easy enough to find that out for yourself. (via Peas and Crayons)

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16. Mushroom Egg Skillet Bake: This cozy skillet bake is what lazy days are all about. With mushrooms, onions, eggs, and a tasty sauce, this recipe is perfect for breakfast, brunch, or even a lazy weeknight dinner! (via Thoughts Over Chai)

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17. Skillet Sweet Potato and Kale Hash: Bringing sweet potatoes and kale into a breakfast hash has been a popular option for quite some time now. There’s a reason this fad hasn’t phased out: It’s healthy and downright delish — the best of both worlds. (via Jar of Lemons)

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18. “Come and Get It” Huevos Rancheros Skillet: In an effort to please everyone, which can often feel impossible, this huevos rancheros skillet delivers. Prep everything in one spot and let everyone take care of themselves while you sit back and sip your coffee (or mimosa). (via Mexican Please)

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